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Denver Ban On Pitbulls *graphic*


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ok, i dont care if admins hate what im bout to say, 18+ kids turn away and dont read, but i HAVE to say it


how the FLUKE can somone do that to SOO many Dogs, they were innocent Lives, they all looked up to there owner with a smile, slept in there owners beds, played with kids, they trusted and respected there owners and you pull this Sh 1 t on them how do u think the dog felt?.....it would be thinking did i do somthing wrong?......well F**ckin NO! u didnt do ANYTHING WRONG! its the male apendige heads that own pitbulls for the bad reason and the media that did somthing wrong.


They were somone BEST friend.

i am soooooo amped up right now i wanto go punch a big Fluken hole in my wall, but id really love it to be the euthanithatist!

Disgusting.....................F**king Digusting.

i dunno if i wanto, shed a tear, or punch my wall in hatred for those who are responsible, or throw up.

you could not pay me $1,000,000+ to do that to A SINGLE dog. ever

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ive read many articles going on about the kill shelters in the US, but to pile up dead dogs like that is disgusting. Would of been some amazing dogs killed there.

not to mention the little ones that never even had a chance to become an amazing dog, it is very disheartening to be reminded what humanity is capable of and what a disrespect of life we have.

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That is just so sad.....our boy Dezzy is an Amstaff and I could not even start to think of what would happen to him if the pound or anyone else got hold of him and did that to him....I bet most of those poor dogs were family pets and well loved....how could any government body do that to an innocent animal

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