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Luki - Parvo Survivor

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Wow what a journey for you and your family, I have just read all 16 pages, I went through all the tears and rode the roller coaster of emotions.

I am so glad that Luki pulled through and seems to have suffered no ill effect. Did you ever find out about the other dog that was at the pound with Luki, I so hope he made it to. I am so happy that you decided to give Luki his forever home, he has fitted in quite well.

But I must say you are one special person K9angel you truly are an angel.

Luki has grown into a very handsome boy and has a real character about him.

Bless you for what you do and have done.

Thankyou for your very kind words mrsgrumblebum. :)

I am not sure whether the other dog who Luki was kennelled with made it.

I know she turned out to have it aswell because I remember pound staff saying that the new owner was compaining that they'd just bought a dog from them and that she was sick. (they wanted pound to cover vet costs)

As far as I Know though, she was being treated for it so fingers crossed she did make it.

Oh and speaking of Luki, I thought I lost him last night.

I let Gyps and Jasmine out the front to go to the toilet and bought them back in. (the front yard is fenced) about half hour or so later I said to Jack "Where is Luki?" as I couldn't see him anywhere.

I checked the bedroom, the bathroom, the front yard, the back yard, the garage. Nope. Couldn't find him anywhere. By now my heart was racing and little Jack was in tears calling out "Luki, Luki". :(

I thought he must of somehow slipped out the front when I let the girls out to do their business. (but then I was wondering how?)

We eventually found him, thank Dog. I wasn't going to give up until we did. He was in the toy room with the door closed. :laugh:

He'd obviously been playing in there with the kids and got left in there when they came out.

Prior to him being MIA (and giving us the fright of our lives) :laugh: (I can laugh now - I wasn't last night) I got a pic of him and Jack snuggling on the lounge.


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It's been a little while since I updated here, so here I am. :)

Luki is 2 years old now :eek: how time flies... it feels like only yesterday we bought him home as a sickly little pup. Now look at him!

He's grown into a gorgeous boy and is dearly loved by us all. :heart: He is gentle, funny and very smart and as an added bonus, he's also a fantastic guard dog. :thumbsup:

Here are a couple of pics I took today. :) (please excuse the cream stained ears. Seems to be a trademark of my dogs. :laugh: Seriously though, it stops the flies and saves their ears and that's all that matters ;) ).






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:thumbsup: What a sad and yet wonderful story - I just read all 17 pages too.

Loki knew that he was loved and pulled through to be with you.

He is a stunning looking boy.....

You are a Real K9 Angel.

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I remember very clearly poor Luki when you first got him. I can't believe it has been two years!

me too!

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