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If You Had To Pick Ten Breeds...


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Mine would be in no particular order:

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (have owned would definately own again)

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Bearded Collie


Tibetan Terrier ( own now)

Lagotto (nearly owned)

Italian Spinone


Bichon (owned 4 and just lost the last one at 15.1/2 yrs of age)



Yay! Another who likes the scruffy dogs :heart: I met THE cutest Bearded Collie puppy one year at a show. I asked her owner if I could pat her and the next thing I know my ear canal was being excavated. They are gorgeous, but sadly I am allergic to the beardies.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier # 1

Now the 10 others in no particular order

French Bulldog

Boston Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

Glen Of Imaal


Norfolk / Norwich Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lhasa Apso

Portuguese Podengo W/C

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My top Ten in no particular order

- Samoyed

- Shetland Sheepdog

- Havanese

- Newfoundland

- Aussie Shepard

- Beagle

- Keeshond

- Great Dane

- Weimaraner

- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ok manybe the first 3 I have a super soft spot for :heart:

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Mini Poodle

Toy Poodle

Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Scottish Terrier


French Bulldog


I'm getting on and don't want large dogs, I just want cuddlybums.

I'm getting on as well, the big boofers are the biggest cuddly bums ever. :(

I'm with Mantis...big boofers all the way, get yourself a Bullmastiff or something :)

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Ok so I am up to page 8 talleying all the breeds :laugh:

Its a slow process! :p

I am not seperating different types of the same breed (ie. long or short coat, working or non working etc) as it would just take too long!

The results so far.....

We have the big dogs leading the charge with GSDs, Dobermanns, Rottweilers and Standard Poodles ranking highest.

Following hot on the tails we have (appropriately! lol) Australian Shepherds and Border Collies.

Greyhounds and Golden Retrievers round out the most popular thus far.

Very intersting, lets see what the next few pages brings! (when I get time to count them lol)

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At this point in time my list is:

German Wirehaired Pointer

Italian Greyhound


Belgian Shepherd (Groen, Terv or Mal)

Enlgish Springer Spaniel (working not show)

English Setter (working not show)

Irish Setter (working not show)

American Cocker Spaniel


Mini Bull Terrier (edited :mad)

I haven't included breeds I own or have owned (Labrador, Vizsla, Whippet, Italian Spinone & GSP) but would own any of them again!

Phew, lucky! I couldnt believe viz and spin were not on the list!! :D ;) :)

Looks like I should get my Bracco plans underway!(dreaming!) :mad

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In no particular order

Chinese Crested

Miniature Poodle

Great Dane

Irish Wolfhound


Xoloitzcuintle (I know I spelt that wrong!)




American Cocker

There's an elderly couple who show here (QLD) who have a fantastic Borzoi AND an Affenpinscher who is ADORABLE (I think?? he may be Inky or a simlar name relating to colour??) anyway, what a gorgeous pair they are, the borzoi is much older and the little affie is the size of his nose :D and they are great together. Lovely :):mad

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How could anyone pick just 10. I would like one of just about every breed I see. They are all so wonderful in their own special ways and learning about all the different breed traits and quirks is nothing short of delightful. If only I had endless room/money/time/council permission!!!!

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British Bulldog

French Bulldog

Boston terrier


Neo Mastiff

Old English Mastiff

St Bernard

Chi's smooth or long coat doesn't matter

Irish Wolfhound or any of the hounds really just love their soulful eyes

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Great idea! OK, here goes...

Standard Poodle

Australian Shepherd


Tibetan Terrier

Flat Coated Retriever


Border Collie (blue merle would be nice or one of the blonde ones)

Miniature Poodle

Portugese Water Dog


ETA: Oh and I grew up with a whippet and still absolutely love them, so you'll need to let me have 11!

ETA again: and I have a Bichon Frise now and I will always love them too, so you'll need to let me have 12!

How do you all manage to stop????

Edited by Zug Zug
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Guest belgian.blue

English Pointer



Giant Schnauzer


Black Russian Terrier

Finnish Lapphund

Australian Shepherd

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I've noticed a lot of people have Tollers on their lists (including me) but have you seen this article? :D

Top 10 Reasons Not to get a Toller

Saw it and found it didn't weigh down the "cons" side of my list to heavily. Gotta say, I crack up every time my little toller-tastic Bear screams - she only does it when she wants to tell me off :thumbsup: I get 1/2 hour of being followed round by a Toller who is fiercely woo-wooing (getting higher and higher pitched in tone) every night when I get back from work!

So....aside from mucho more tollers, I'd go for;

1. Alaskan Malamute

2. GSD (Hubby said no :rofl: )

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

4. Neopolitan Mastiff

5. Newfoundland

6. Ridgie (cos I get sick of cleaning up fluffy back ends!)

7. Dingo

8. Golden Retriever for my nephew

9. Cairn Terrier (I am SO not a small dog person, but Dad got an ex show cairn a couple of years ago and Manny is the cutest, happiest damn dog in the world)

10. Oh, screw it, chuck in another couple of Tollers

And of course my plan is to alway have a couple of rescues around too.

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1.Belgian Shepherd Groenendael :D (All time favourite breed of dog)

2. Belgian Shepherd Tervueren

3. Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

4. Papillon

5. Chihuahua

6. Tibetan Terrier

7. Tibetan Spaniel

8. Miniature Pinscher

9. Cocker Spaniel

10. Maremma Sheepdog

Although I know that the BSD varieties are technically one breed!! :rofl:

I keep changing my mind on what I do and what I don't like but those ten have always been on my list of *wants*.

Currently have a young Papillon girlie and oldie Chi X at the moment :thumbsup:

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The first two are equal firsts. Can't pick between them and indeed I already have this precise perfect doggy household.

  1. wheaten terrier
  2. kerry blue terrier
  3. glen of imaal terrier
  4. irish terrier
  5. west highland white terrier
  6. black russian terrier
  7. welsh terrier
  8. field spaniel
  9. sussex spaniel
  10. clumber spaniel

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