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Went To Pet Shop To Get Cat Food


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What a surprise.

I was just looking at the different dog foods and a particular one grabbed my attention.

I thought thats a good looking dog, looks a bit like mine.

The background pics looks ALOT like one we had taken for advertising another company.................

Look a bit closer........Yep

Thats my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The actor in the background pic is the same one we had on teh other job...................Thats because this comany has gone and used the pics.


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Unless you paid for the shoot yourself, the copyright lies with the photographer and they can onsell the image to a stock image company who in turn can sell it to any buyer anywhere in the world.

If you signed a full commercial release you've signed away your rights to even being notified let alone paid for any further use. And if you didn't sign anything at all then default copyright laws apply, so, same deal.

If you signed a specific or limited release you could sue them for retraction or payment if you have the time and money to spend on such things...

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the photo you previously had done would be the IP of the photographer or the agency they worked for so they can re-use it as they see fit

same thing happened to a friend of mine but instead of a pic of there dogs it was one of from his wedding, they ended up in a magazine advert for a formal hire place lol :thumbsup:

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Agree to what others have said.

Check the original contract you had with the photographer. Most likely is they have rights to the photo to do as they please with it and you are not entitled to any royalties of payments from it.

If that is not the case, then the photographer needs to pass on part of the payment they got for selling the photograph.

IMHO and looking at the contracts I have, there are 2 varients set before the shoot begins and depends on the shoot.

1. I have full rights to the photos and I can do with them as I please, and so do you.

2. I have full rights to the photos for a specific purpose, and anything outside of this will require further permission from you.

Check the print of what you originally signed :thumbsup:

Good luck


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generally, you will find that the copyright that you have signed will have waived your rights, but check anyway - I know that the ones I use say that I can use the images I takje in anyway to promote my business, but if I am using it for anything else, that they will be advised. I do not work for advertising though, these are only for portrait & pet work.

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