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Penrith Council Meeting Tomorrow Night Monday 19th


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If you live in the Penrith area, we need your help. We have approached Penrith Council to 'Fence' the off leash dog park in Jamison Park.

And we need as many people to attend the meeting tomorrow night. Please help spread the word :laugh:

For more info please join our Facebook group....Fenced dog park for Penrith

Tomorrow · 7:30pm - 9:00pm


Location Penrith City Council Level 1


Created By Fenced Dog Park For Penrith


More Info Ok this is it guys, we need your support more than ever before.

Please come along to the Council Meeting next Monday night the 19th July

At a meeting held last night there were a few councillors against fencing the park, as they feel it doesn't fall under the catagory "RECREATION" ...which is what we need to go under to apply for the money from Federal Gov.

So we need as many people there to show the councillors that this is needed for the community. And there are lots of people that will benefit.

This is the final "MAJORITY VOTE" for the councillors

We need to fill the gallery this time.

You wont need to say anything we just need the numbers.

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BUMP..........................as it's tomorrow night, we need more people to attend the meeting, if we are to get the park fenced.

Please help spread the word to people in the Penrith area :rolleyes:

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