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Stolen Eukanuba-bound Show Dogs‏


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Show Dogs Worth $500K Stolen in Bellflower The dogs were inside a cargo van parked at a Motel 6.


10:32 a.m. PST, November 30, 2010

BELLFLOWER, Calif. ( KTLA) -- Police in Bellflower are looking for a stolen van that had some precious cargo inside -- four international show dogs worth more than a half a million dollars.

Kristina Rickhard says someone stole a white Chevy cargo van from the parking lot at a Motel 6 in the 17200 block of Downey Ave. The theft was reported around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Rickhard says four show dogs were in crates inside the vehicle -- a male Akita worth $250,000, another Akita worth $100,000 and two Corgis worth $100,000 each.

Rickard says the dogs were left in the van because it was cooler outside and more comfortable for them. Three other dogs that prefer warmer temperatures were brought inside, she told KTLA.

The most expensive dog, Trace, is the world's #2 Akita, Rickhard added.

Rickhard says she and her family were staying at the hotel for an upcoming dog show in Long Beach.

Since the animals are show dogs, she says they wouldn't last long in the wild.

"They would not be able to make it out on their own if they were let loose," she said.

The white cargo van has a black box on the back and has California license plate number: 8D50252.

Anyone with information on the dogs' whereabouts is asked to call David at (530) 917-6846 or Tamara at (661) 860-3147.



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How can a dog be worth that much money and how do they figure out how much it costs?

Potential income from stud duties/puppies.

That's one busy Dog!! And i guess only the serious show people could afford to use those dogs or feel that they're worth that much.

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