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  • 3 weeks later...

so shocked by how quickly things have turned bad :thumbsup:

had to say goodbye to him today :)

just a couple of recent photos


last trip to the beach, last Monday


yesterday morning, early, still so happy and willing, his body wasn't up to it :D


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thanks huga :)

I'm taking this way worse than I thought I would, I've been so "practical" through his diagnosis and everything, and now I've come undone and I miss him :thumbsup:

It's really hard, give yourself time to grieve. Even though you knew it was coming, it's still an entirely different thing when he's actually gone. There's a big empty space in your house and in your heart. That's how I felt with Harry, anyway. Look after yourself.

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So very sorry CM - I felt as though Texas was part of my family too - he loved the beach just like my old soldier does.

How wonderful that he was so happy right up intil the end. You did the right thing by him, no doubt about that.

You will miss him so much I know, but it will get a little better over time, and you have such wonderful photographic memories.

Run fast over the dunes sweet Texas.

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