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"fenced Dog Park For Penrith"


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Just thought I would let you guys know that the funds have now been approved for fencing the off leash dog park in Jammison Park.

So it should not be to long before Penrith has a fantastic 'fenced' off leash dog park.

attached is a link to the story in this weeks Penrith Press.


You are also welcome to join my Facbook group....."Fenced Dog Park For Penrith"

hope to see some dol people there :o Jodie Koz :rofl:

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jodie, i don't live too far from penrith and i certainly appreciate fenced dog park facilities so i'm glad that local rallying for a fenced dog park will soon come to fruition :shrug:

living at northmead, we take our 2 swfs to crestwood where part of a large park area has been fenced off to accommodate an off-leash area for small dogs and beside it the same for large dogs :hug:

it works well, except for the occasional initial fence chasing *sigh* --- that's pretty short lived tho :cry:

i hope it happens sooner than later cuz it's a godsend when you don't have the space available at home for your furkids to really stretch their legs :cry:

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Thanks for the suggestion of a separate spot for smaller quite dogs, I will put it to the fb group, as we are meeting with the council planners this week :confused:

Nice to see your also excited about this snow_wolf :confused:

Don't forget to join my facebook group...'Fenced Dog Park For Penrith'

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