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Penrith Fenced Dog Park


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Just wanting to let people know that after almost a year since my wife and I started a petition/campaign to fence an existing off leash area in Penrith

it has finally happened.

JAMISON PARK OFF LEASH AREA HAS A FENCE!!!! YAY.......... :rofl::rofl:

we think it's a great park with shade, water, bench seat, bins, bags and a double gate entry.

there is still more to happen with it etc. more bench seats, another tap, an extra single gate on the opposite side and some tunnels and concrete blocks to climb on.

It is on the corner of Batt St and Racecourse Rd Penrith/South Penrith

We also have a face book page


Enjoy :rofl:


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Really great work. I was a little annoyed though, we had just come home from taking the dogs along the river!!! If only we'd known. So we drove back (without dogs) to check it out.

It really was very impressive.

Congratulations and Thankyou

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