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Awl Wins Tender For Ipswich Council Pound


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I imagine AWL would have to operate within the laws of the city/state with regard to pitbulls.

The AWL and the RSPCA are two very seperate, very different organisations.

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To my knowledge AWL DO euthanase those that are not rehomable.

Then how can they advertise a zero euthanase policy/rate?

Zero euthanasia of dogs that are deemed adoptable (no health or behavioural issues), I presume.

Do AWL automatically euth pitbulls, or are they eligible for rehoming too?

The AWL shelter doesn't accept any or all dogs surrendered, and they choose which dogs to bring from the pound to their shelter for rehoming.

Zero Euthanasia is all about the dogs that do make it into the AWL shelters, not the dogs that never make it that far.

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In answer to all those questions and statements above. The 'Getting to Zero' (or G2Z) program is quite simple. That said it is not immediate and does take time to reach the full 'Zero' target especially when introduced into a new area such as Ipswich, although once the AWL take over the Ipswich pound operations there will be an immediate improvement in services and outcomes. This will include access to AWL vets who will undertake emergency and regular vet services to pound.

In essence the program is quite simple i.e. All dogs/cats that are surrendered or unclaimed (dumped/unwanted) at the pound will be rehomed. This includes dogs/cats with treatable temperment and/or health issues. Obviously those dogs/cats with untreatable conditions such as very poor or ailing health, aggressive nature etc. will likely be PTS.

Many thousands of dogs/cats are put down nationally each year simply because they are unwanted. The G2Z program aims to change the behaviour of a community towards being proactive towards this social crime towards unwanted dogs and cats. It aims to make a community responsible for the situation and shifts the focus towards the rescue of these innocent victims of irresponsible pet owners.

Some of the statements above are completely inaccurate and only succeed in circulating misinformation. The AWL is a respected animal welfare organisation with a philosophy and doctrine solely focused on the welfare of pets and awareness of improved community values towards animals. They should be commended for their commitment and postive actions and not condemned by armchair generals.

I can comment with a great deal of authority on the service provided by AWL as they have been a partner with council on rehoming many hundreds of dogs/cats for approximately 8 years. The difference being that in this new partnership the AWL will set up formal operations at the Ipswich Pound, whereas in the past they took those other unclaimed dogs/cats to their Gold Coast facility for rehoming.

To paint a very bad picture of the present situation here are some startling facts of dogs/cats impounded at Ipswich (pls be aware that this situation is repeated at many other pounds throughout the country):

Dogs - Approximately 65% of dogs are collected or rehomed through the Ipswich Pound. The remainder are Euthanised.

Cats - Approximately only 10% of cats are collected or rehomed through the Ipswich Pound. That's right!....approx 90% of cats are euthanised. This is an appalling statistic which represents irresponsible pet ownership. Even taking into account the number of strays (unowned) that are impounded this does represent an ugly statistic.

Pls note that at present the IpswichPound rehomes some of these animals itself, however the vast majority of rehomed animals are forwarded to either the AWL or RSPCA for rehoming as the council cannot undertake such a specialised operation itself without assistance from organisations such as the AWL.

Obviously the new partnership to commence 1 July will see the AWL assume full responsibility for turning the present circumstances around and move towards 'getting to zero' euthanasia.

It's good news for those that would normally go on 'death row'.

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