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Has any one used a Flea Bomb

I have read about some of them and the thought of them I dislike

I can suffer Asthma with certain scents

my OH also suffers hayfever enough as it is

I have been battling the fleas on Tara for a few months now

and when I think I am on top of it then she gets them again

Personally I am starting to think they are in the carpet now :laugh:

I have had 2 dogs , sadly one now for 14 years and never had a problem like the last few months

( one or two flea attacks in 14 years which was easy to control)

Since Sam has passed away I have had more cats in the backyard and even found them sleeping on the outside bedding , and I am sure this is where they are coming from

All bedding washed regularly

carpet vacumed

flea treatment applied

I just washed Tara with flea shampoo again and still found 4 walking on her body :cry:

so how good / bad are the flea bombs ?

do they leave a harsh odour

are they safe to use for bad hayfever sufferer's

and how or what can I use to keep the cats away in the garden or outside

I have read up on natural things also like Eucalyptus and Vinegar

I would prefer to use as Natural as I can inside the house if possible


Edited to also say outside bedding is sprayed every morning and night to keep the b**** cats off them and to try and kill any flea on there

Edited by Tara and Sam
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Shame the dogs don't chase cats!

we use flea bombs here ..with an elderly parent , dogs/cats/caged bird, and have had no problems .Just make sure you follow instructions , and ,if you can, air the house out for most of a day afterwards...

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Sam use to chase them if he saw them , although never caught one ( thankfully )

Tara is going blind so wont see one unless we right next to the cat

by that time I have shooed cat away

which one did you use Persephone

did it have much odour to it ?

and reading one brand you have to tape up all cubboards etc ?

windows always open here ,so no problems with airing it out after

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I think Mortein are the ones in the red can

If your going to flea bomb, I would suggest getting the one that does fleas and all other creepy crawlies :laugh:

As long as you put it in and leave your house open for at least 4 hours to circulate air, you wont be able to smell anything :cry:

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I use them twice a year. Spring and Autumn. I use the flea bombs in the bedrooms (carpeted areas) and the insect bombs in the rest of the house (tiled floors). Kills flies, mossies, spiders and bugs in general.

I do it in the morning, come back later than suggested and open the house up for a minimum of 6 hours. No smell at all. Also I wipe down all benches and vac the floor after I come back into the house.

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I use mortein control bomb, i do it when I go away for a few days trialing , ie I set them off last fridsay and returned sun night , it smells if u go in close after the time of set off [read instructions for how long to stay away ] but after airing and vac it's fine

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We've used flea bombs (they kill spiders too!). I use a day when I have the whole day free and do the following:

- Get all the dogs bedding and put in the wash - on hot, with a vinegar rinse.

- Vacuum the house thoroughly.

- Take dogs outside, and set up the flea bombs, closing windows and opening internal doors.

- While outside I wash the dogs thoroughly and use a flea rinse or shampoo (or both).

- The night before I spray the inside of the car with bug spray (I'm terrified of having a spider in the car while I am driving)

- once the dogs are bathed and clean and dry and brushed it has probably been enough time to open up the house to the outside air again.

- Take the dogs for a drive to waste some time, go for a walk, visit people etc.

- Come home to a house with no more bugs and washing ready to be hung out :laugh:

Don't forget your own bedding and to have mattresses lifted up during the bombing.

After all this I also iron all the towels and sheets (even dish cloths!) and things that can be ironed on hot with steam.

And yep, be sure to bomb under the house.

Use a good brand like mortein and air out the house before going back in to live in there and you should be fine with respect to allergies, hayfevers and asthma (have your asthma gear ready though, better safe than sorry)

Hope that helps.

Ohh to go over the top even further (as I like to do) I also plant lavender around the house, I read somewhere that fleas don't like lavender. I don't know if it is true but it sure smells nice!

I know I sound completly OCD about this...but it works a treat!

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Yes sounds like the Mortein brand

so far ( fingers crossed havent had any other creatures crawling around inside ) :grouphug: but will certainly get the one for all creepy crawlies

Yes Pandii I have had a few bites the last week myself :laugh:

no under the house area is accessable to cats or dogs

will get the bomb next week as this week I am flat out with appointments and cant leave Tara outside by herself as she is insecure with no one around with her :D

all her normal bedding has been hot washed and soaked with Eucalyptus oil and hanging on the line

and she using some other bedding that will be washed on friday when OH and I have the chance to get our bed out of the bedroom outside so I can thougherly get to every crevis in the bedroom

I have also been using some natural things ( allready had in the house )

spraying carpets and corners with Eucalyptus and water

vinegar and water in spray bottle

I do have lavender bushes but further down the back yard

( but might be time to make up some lavender sachets for the rooms )

Lavender in water is also mentioned as a natural detereent , so will also be put to use

one natural thing I found that did work well

it was mentioned if you see a live flea on the dog to use vegetable oil , it kills the flea instantly

so I tried it and killed 4 straight away

I just used a syringe with oil in it and squirted the flea and then wiped her clean

( I didnt beleive it would work actually , and was surprised when it did )

Thanks for the replies about the Flea Bombs as never had to use them but never had them this bad either

some of the natural things suggested

and not harsh either

a. Citrus repellent:

You can make an effective flea repellent from lemon by cutting it into quarters and immersing it in boiling water. This is then steeped overnight to get you the repellent. By spraying this all over your pet, especially behind the ears and generally around the head, and also at the base of the tail and the ‘armpits’, you can rid it of fleas.

b. Aromatherapy repellent:

This repellent is made by adding lavender and cedarwood essential oils to pure almond carrier oil as the base. This is then shaken well and spread over the pet’s skin to keep the fleas away. You can also make effective flea collars by rubbing an essential oil of eucalyptus , tea tree , citronella , lavender or geranium on webbing, rope collar or even a doggy bandanna .

c. Essential oil bath:

If your pet is badly infested, it’d need an essential oil bath. So, draw the bath using a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oils. An alternative is a herbal flea dip made from fresh rosemary leaf .

d. Internal flea repellents:

Garlic when fed to your dog works wonders. This is because its smell is excreted through the skin making it ‘inhospitable’ for the fleas. Brewer’s yeast tablets also help in controlling fleas. Another good alternative is natural apple cider vinegar that makes the skin more acidic and unpleasant to fleas and ticks.

e. External flea repellents:

Sprinkling diatomaceous earth, generally in the filtration system for swimming pools, all over the yard is an effective way to keep the fleas at bay. You can also put cedar chips along your fence to keep the fleas out. Planting a herb, called tansy, around your pet’s pen will also keep the problem in check. All these external repellents are effective natural home remedies for fleas.

If you have a pet, total eradication of fleas is generally next to impossible, but if you’re diligent and persistent enough, you can control these pests and not only give relief to your pet, but also make your home safe for kids.

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  • 6 years later...

I think the CATS are the real issue, and I doubt that even flea-bombing would solve the flea problem.


My yorkie has severe flea allergy. Even one bite can lead to severe skin irritation and constant scratching.

I found it a challenge to keep him free of fleas, and I am sure that it is our cat that keeps bringing fleas into the house and surrounds! 


Pepper has some other health issues, therefore I can't use chemicals or flea tablets on him.

Therefore, the cat is treated monthly with Advantage, and once a week he takes a Capstar tablet. At least once a week, the whole house is being thoroughly vacuumed, and bedding is washed (and sometimes also sprayed).


I can keep the situation reasonable under control. But have to be very consistent in my approach. I have tried alternative methods, but none seem to be effective. I have given up.


Do you know the owner of the cats that are coming to your property? Maybe you could talk to them (if they look nice and approachable)? Ideally, the owners themselves would treat the cats. Not sure if they would agree to you giving cats treatment... Probably not. I believe COMFORTIS is the most efficient treatment, and now also available for cats. The tables are supposed to be incredible, have an instant and prolonged kill effect on fleas! I have read that this medication can have some serious side effects on the pets, though. Otherwise, I would have given it to Pepper (should not be given to pets with history of seizures, I believe) or our own cat.


Other suggestions to look into:


* use of diatomaceous earth food grade on the outside bedding (maybe also in house, but be very careful with inhalation of powder! Extra research recommended.)


* ways to keep cats away from property
maybe there are suggestion on the internet?






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4 hours ago, Tara and Sam said:

I was surprised to see the post  came up after all the years

I didnt think they could be after 3 years



I think something changed after the upgrade. You could occasionally before, too, if you were on a phone.

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On 13/08/2017 at 0:38 PM, Maddy said:

Has two identical posts, bumps a 6 year old thread, posts link to non-Australian products.. seem legit.

Could be worse - they may have been an 18 year old supermodel who's only been with women, and has a Nigerian uncle who needs help laundering a billion dollars.


I miss the good old days of the internet:)

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