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Canberra And Surrounds Dol Meet (with Furkids)

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Ooh ooh me too!!! I keep missing the get-togethers but will make sure I get to this one... (although I may have to work on the Saturday morning :( , not sure yet tho so don't plan around that).

Saxon can show off his new toy Riley :)


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Sunday afternoon is good for me too. Did we decide where?

Yes, Riley will be starting Beginners on Sunday mornings at the next session (which I think is August?) as long as I get out there to enrol him :o

Poor old Saxon has been missing out on training for quite a while, I'm planning to get back into something with him in the August session too, probably Obedience, the class times for Agility are hard for me to get to. Gotta do something though, I don't want him to forget everything we worked so hard on!!

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Awww Kneecole :( PS - send me your address so I can send you an invite to my baby shower :D

Hmmm I dont think we decided on a where did we? Im pretty easy where ever people want to go. do we also want to lock in a time? 2pm maybe???

Any thoughts?

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2pm is good

I'm thinking Belco dog park, with a walk all together along the bike path at some point? (possibly begin walk at 2:30?)

BOM says there will be a chance of patchy rain, and cool wind, so may want to bring something warm

Kaywoman68, can you update the topic title and first post to show current details please? :)

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Oooh oooh Saxon, Riley and I met Iskiea and gorgeous Riot at the Belco dog park the other day, could there be a more gorgeous puppy?? (No!)

Can people do this weekend? 3/4 December? I know it's super short notice but just thought I'd check... and I know I have trouble turning up but this time will do my utmost to be there!

After this weekend may have to be new year, but I'm in for that too!

I suggest Belco lake and/or dog park, Forde, or Yarralumla if that's best for others, but happy anywhere else too :)

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I would love to catch up with all those that I have not seen in ages, and it would be lovely to meet some new faces, human and pooch :)

I would not be able to do this weekend though, and if it is a doggy meet, Bosco may have to miss out... He has become a bit feral as he ages, little shit he is :(

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Aww Thanks Saxonpup; he is pretty gorgeous but I'm his mum so I'm biased to that.

Well this weekend I'm working.. 11-7pm saturday and 10-7pm on sunday.

I get every second weekend off and next weekend Riot and I are at our first show. Depending on if I am doing anything saturday morning if there is a meet before 11am which gives me enough time to get up to Charnwood Woolworths where I work then I am in.. Same for sunday morning.

Edit: My shifts are now 8am-4pm Saturday and 7am-4pm Sunday instead as I was needed in another department.. so anytime after 4pm should work on either days if that is okay.

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