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May 2011 Photo Challenge


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I always laugh when I see your Frenchie photos Frodos mum. 2 of those pics look like little Frenchie statues have just been dropped from the sky, with their little legs all straight and stiff. :rofl:

Ill second that LOL. Great pics!!

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I tried to get panning shots of Sarsanets girls but they were so full on and I never had time to check my shutter speed. I wish I could've increased it a bit. Anyway, these certainly convey movement and action. :laugh:



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OK well my usual daily challenge is to freeze greyhound motion - so here's my first attempt at panning for blur

do you want the excuses before or after the pics?

ok then

1. I had trouble with exposure due to sun / shade

2. the tide was too far in for big zoomie circles

3. the only predictable thing about a zooming greyhound is that it is unpredictable

so here they are :laugh:








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LuvLotte - your first pic!! Oh how I missed Fac Day this year!

:laugh: it was another fun and crazy day/night!! It was at a new location as well this time, which was good!! Right on a river on a property!

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Loving all the photos - great to see lots of Sighthounds :thumbsup:

I've been so slack with the last couple of challenges :o so here's some for this month :) Same as everyone else - lots of frozen motion but lacking in the panning dept :laugh: Will try to have a go when the rain stops!

My single panning shot :D


And some frozens :)







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I used to race my whippets at Tooradin every 3 weeks for 6 years but stopped going in 2005. I went back today with my camera and took some shots for our May challenge.

This odd eyed white whippet was very handsome



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aww thanks FM :D You take the best funny Frenchie pics.

Here's a weimeraner I met today, his name is Chalk and he was a real bargearse just like another one we know. both of them have now sent Penny sprawling on the ground yelping. He didn't mean any harm though, just big heavy and goofy.

Here he is looking a bit more graceful.


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