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Update: Act, Nsw, Snow Trip With The Dogs!


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  1. 1. Would you like to come?

    • Yes, count me in
    • No, can't afford it
    • No, date is not convienient
    • No, don't know anyone that well
    • No, no guarantee means I won't come
    • No, other

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Hey everyone!

Tried to organize something years ago but didn't manage to get the balling rolling hard enough. (Clicky for old topic) But this year I've done my research and http://www.bimblegumbie.com.au/ looks like the place to go.

Who would be up for a weekend away with the chance it could snow where we are staying?


Took a trip out there the other week, friendly lady, keen to have any number of us pop along. Stay in individual rooms or in a house. Its in the valley down from Threadbow, just outside the national park so it's all good to take the dogs. She has said it did snow in Oct in recent years.

Actually seeing snow will be the hard part, as it doesn't snow overly often at this place, but it does occasionally. The owner said she'd happily ring me to let me know if there has been a fresh dump of snow, and if its timely enough I could book a weekend up there. Also I talked to the Jindabyne info center and asked when it normally snows there. From about July to Oct it could, normally as a result of South EASTERLY wind.

I'm thinking I'll head there for a weekend there, snow or no snow in the coming weeks, see what its all like.

So if you're interested put your name down here, and if you think you'd have the flexibility to be called up for a weekend away with short notice or not. Would be good to get rough numbers :)



Looking to book on 22nd July to 24th. http://www.bimblegumbie.com.au/Tariffs.html (looking to book the 5 person bungalow)

Please post interest if you would like to come :)

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So I actually looked at the prices today, and going by myself may be a bit more costly than I was originally imagining :p

We could book a 2 night stay on Friday 22nd July to Sunday 24th (when its cheaper) or sometime after that when its a bit more expensive. I'm thinking we book the 5 person Bungalow possibly?


There is no guarantee for snow, so just the trip will hopefully be interesting enough, and it'll be a bonus if we get snow?

Whos up for those dates? Or possibly later?

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Sorry. The date is no good for me :( I finish my current job on 22nd and then start a new job on 25th - I will need the weekend to mentally prepare myself (that and I don't think I'll be allowed to have my last day off early).

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