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'miracle' Dog Survives Gas Chamber

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"A beagle put in a gas chamber at an animal pound in the US somehow survived the ordeal with its tail wagging.

The ive-year-old dog, named Daniel, was sent to his death along with 18 other dogs at the animal shelter in Florence, Alabama, on October 3, ABC News reports.

But when animal control officers opened the gas chamber they found Daniel waiting for them at the door, while the other dogs lay dead around it.

Karen and Michael Rudolph, who run a rescue home for Schnauzers in Tennessee, took Daniel in temporarily after hearing about his miracle survival.

Mrs Rudolph said vets were amazed that the gas chamber had not even made Daniel sick after she took him in for a check-up.

"It was almost as though angels pulled him out of there and he didn't even breathe the gas," she said.

The dog is currently living with a volunteer from another charity group, Eleventh Hour Rescue, which is trying to find a permanent home for him.

But Eleventh Hour Rescue president Linda Schiller is positive it will find a home, with more than 200 people emailing a local newspaper which first reported on the bizarre story to say they were keen to adopt the beagle."


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