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4 Weeks Old, Stuffed In A Box And Sent Off

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The two four-week-old kittens were without water or food in a non-padded box for more than 24 hours after they were collected from a home in Melbourne's western suburbs, the Herald Sun reported.

The male and female kittens were destined for a home in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

The RSPCA is investigating the incident and the owners face large fines.

Lost Dogs Home general manager Sue Conroy said the kittens were discovered in a shocking state and underweight.

"They were at the courier's distribution centre when a worker heard them meowing," she said.

"That person rescued them and gave them food and water.

"Twenty-five years in the industry you see a lot of stuff, but not this.

"It's absolutely abhorrent because they were in a box and anything could have happened to them - a truck could've backed over it, the box be kicked around or crushed or it could've been left in a hot place. It's awful to think what could've happened it makes you sick."

City of Melbourne officers on Wednesday took the kittens from the Kensington distribution centre to the Lost Dogs Home.

Ms Conroy said pet owners needed to get the message this behaviour would not be tolerated.

"I would like to see them in the Magistrates' Court," she said.

Cattery manager Karina Bailey blasted the owners and said she was disgusted.

The Lost Dogs Home is looking for foster carers for the two because they were too young for adoption

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