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Ipswich City Council And Awl Formally Commence Animal Welfare Partners

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Just providing an update on previous posting on this forum regarding the AWL taking over the pound operations for Ipswich City Council.

The floods certainly delayed the commencement of operations however the AWL are now settled into the pound and have began the role of pound manager and the establishment of a rehousing facility on site.

Please refer to Ipswich City Council media release:


and also refer to QT newspaper story:


I look forward to this partnership saving many thousands of dogs from destruction.

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:thumbsup: Congratulations :thumbsup:

I hope you spruke your success amongst other councils.

Ipswich is a leading council, especially in Community Affairs

(and I have no association with anyone from the council :laugh: )

agreed!!! it is refreshing to see a council being proactive as far as reducing the numbers of animals killed each year...

this is just a small start but a start nonetheless.

I am looking forward to Ispwich Council becoming a leader in positive animal management


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Great cooperative work by Ipswich Council and AWL Qld. I know you were a great advocate for this partnership, Andrew.

Ipswich Council showed the same humane spirit during the floods.

I'll never forget Mayor Paul Pisasale announcing, as soon as people had to be moved to evacuation centres....yes, pets welcome. While the Brisbane Mayor, at his first evacuation announcement, said....sorry, no pets. Within a short time, someone behind the scenes must have said a few hard words....& this was changed.

But it was the Ipswich Council which didn't give pet owners one moment of heartbreak.

The work of AWL Qld rests a lot on donations and volunteer efforts, so I hope this move will inspire lots of people up that way, to help out.

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There's an event that all can attend to celebrate the new Ipswich centre:

Ipswich Rehoming Shelter Family Fun Day.

Saturday, November 19 · 10:00am - 2:00pm

6 Hooper Street West Ipswich

Animal Welfare League of Qld

It’s been a long time in the making, but the Animal Welfare League of Queensland is excited to announce the opening of its Ipswich Rehoming Centre on Saturday November 19 and they want you there.

To celebrate the opening of the centre and newfound hope for homeless animals, the Animal Welfare League of Queensland will be hosting an open day full of fun with jumping castles, raffles, face painting for the kids and gift packs for members of the public who adopt a pet on that day.

The opening of the Ipswich centre is welcoming news for cats and dogs of Ipswich and its surrounding areas, with surrendered and stray pets no longer needing to make the hour long journey to the Coombabah Shelter to begin a new life.

CEO of the AWLQ Denise Bradley says the team have been working with Ipswich council for almost ten years rehoming their pound animals at the Coombabah and Stapylton Shelters.

“The new shelter will run in conjunction with the AWLQ Ipswich community vet clinic which has been in the area since 2006,” Ms Bradley says.

“There is also an op shop in the area, raising the much needed funds to provide shelter, medical care and food to the animals.”

The opening of the shelter to the public will be a great chance for the community to see the new facility and what is being done to ensure the futures of the animals in the AWLQ’s care as well as animals looking for their new home.

The open day starts at 10am on Saturday November 19 and will run until 2pm at 6 Hooper Street West Ipswich.

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