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Rather a long post ,but please feel free to add to your status & list of thing to do ....

Christmas comes but once a year ,

for some of us ,it brings good cheer,

for others ,there is just sadness & pain,no family or friends to wish them good cheer & happy Christmas to you .

Just another day to sruggle through.

I know only to well ,that this is so true .

I am apealing to each one of you ,

Spare a thought for those not so blessed,lets wish them a happy Christmas ,along with the rest. Good wishes you know can spread far & wide .

lets all join together& spare just a thought,for those poor souls for whom nothing is bought .


place your gift of caring under someones tree .

there are the homeless,the disabled,the sick & those confined to bed .

may your kindness & caring ,for them somehow be felt & read .

PLEASE I ask,just do something special for maybe just one.

This a a ditty I wrote this am & was my status on FB ,for those of u not on FB

I thought id share it here

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It is good to think of others for whom Christmas is often a reminder of what they don't have and everyone else seems to.

I don't have much spare cash but I always try and buy one small gift to put under the wishing tree at work or in the shopping centre. It might just make someone smile and know that someone cares.

Last year I also bought Oxfam gifts for some friends that have pretty much everything.

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