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Living With A Serial Escape Artist.


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We have a local wandering dog who jumps the 6ft fence. Just boing, straight over it! One day he came over to us while we were training (their house backs onto the oval), invited Ava to play, then she chased him all the way back home and he went straight back over the fence. Ava ran into the fence and looked very confused :rofl:

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I am sorry if this has already been raised.

Our bull arab female decided to scale our fences one day. I knew once she was over and had her reward of chasing rabbits she would try again which she did. We hot wired the top of our fences. It took about a day to do and was not expensive.

Fern got her first ping about 30 mins after we turned it on, a second ping the following day. She has never attempted to try again and we seem sorted thank goodness.

She is crated inside if I am out with our other dogs just in case.

I am not sure what you would do with a gate? Unless you dont need to open it for a while, I can ask my husband if you like, he has worked on remote properties and is great with this sort of thing.

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We tried so many different things with my APBT and the only thing that stopped him getting out was a double sized dog run with a concrete base and a fully inclosed roof.

I would rather keep him in the house. He's very well behaved, doesn't chew or destroy anything and it would be a lot kinder than a run. It just seems such a shame to keep him in when we have an awesome yard for the dogs to play in.

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Hi Gayle,

The answer is an electric fence. You just run a tape around the fencing and if the dog goes close it will get a zap. They soon learn to not go near the fence. You will probably only have to do this for a few months and your dog will forget about climbing the fence. I have a girl who would climb over a fence to get to another one of my old girls who she does not like. Well the electric fence soon fixed that. She has now forgotten about going over the fence. They are quite cheap to buy now.

Good luck.

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