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Gone But Not Forgotten....

Little Gifts

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There have been so many precious pets lost this year I wanted to start a thread honouring them all as we see out this year and move in to the next. For those that celebrate the event it will be our first Christmas without a present under the tree for our lost one and those 'firsts' are always a little hard.

So to those of you who are like me this year, with a little hole still in their hearts, this thread is for you and the animals you loved and lost. Please feel free to add your fur or feather babies to it.

My girl Ricky (10/08/1994 - 28/05/2011) - there are still memories of you everywhere old girl. You are never far from our thoughts.


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What a nice thought PS, I've had a very sad year again - when you adopt or foster old dogs there is a great potential for loss and I seem to lose 2 or 3 each year, don't really know how my heart stays in one piece.

This year, I lost one of my own dogs (darling Roly aged 18 that I fostered in 2010, he was too precious to move on), 2 foster dogs and a little dog I rescued who was very ill.

Here's a picture of my two fosters, Gina and Sienna. Losing Siena a month ago left me broken hearted. I loved her very much and had hoped for a happy future but it wasn't to be.



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Beautiful idea Puppysniffer.

I am another who has had a shocking year, the worst of my life as far as losses go. :(

I lost Jay Jay in May, Whitey in June and my heartdog Gyps suddenly in July. :cry:

As Christmas approaches I have been even more emotional. I miss them so much. I wrote up a long post the other day to post in Gypsy's thread but saved it instead. :( I will post it shortly.

Come Xmas time and Gyps would always hang around as we'd put the tree up.

It felt so different this year. :(

I ordered their dried chicken necks yesterday and ordered 2 kgs thinking for a moment she and Whitey and Jay were still here. :( They loved them and they were one of Gypsy's favourite treats. :(

I am trying to stay strong and positive, but it's hard sometimes...

The other day I was so upset when I couldn't find the Christmas hat Gyps wore last year. :cry:

But then the next day as I was going through Xmas decs, I found the reindeer ears she wore so proudly. It was heartbreaking, holding them and looking at them again, thinking of last year when Gyps had them on her head. I took a couple of pics with them on Takoda and then sat them close to where Gyps now rests. :angel:



Jay Jay




ETA pics

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We lost two dogs this year.....Kassy, my 17yo Lhasa Apso who I'd had longer than my husband and my youngest daughter. Kassy's passing was expected, at Christmas we knew she wouldn't see out the summer and she didn't even see another month. But it was no less devastating, she was a little dog who left a huge hole in our lives.

Then Benson left unexpectedly in July and I don't feel like I will ever recover from that. I can't even think about him without crying and looking at photos leaves me a blubbering mess. Last week I found a video clip I'd made of him a couple of years ago.....pics of him from baby to about 2, set to the song "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. I used to watch it all the way through and it would leave a big smile on my face for hours. Now, I can't get 10 seconds into it. I can't even listen to the song.

He was, without a doubt, the dog that changed my life. I miss him in more ways than I ever thought I could miss a friend.

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What a lovely, supportive thread Puppy_Sniffer, thank you! :)

I've not been able to bring myself to post about her in the Rainbow Bridge thread yet, but maybe this will help me to do it properly.

We lost my beloved heart dog, Enya in February - unexpectedly and in a way that I will always blame myself for. I don't think I will ever get over her loss, and still blubber when thinking about her. I've never been as bonded with a dog as I was with Poss, and the hole she has left in my heart is just enormous.

Allerzeit Enya CCD - AKA Poss; Possum; and Possum Possum Enya

4/12/2002 - 2/2/2011



My hugs and thoughts to everyone else in this thread, there have been far too many heartbeaking losses this year :(:kissbetter::hug:

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Thank you for this beautiful thread.

On June the 10th, just two weeks before his 13 birthday, we had to have my heart dog Bear, Mjosa Guy De Gaultier, gently put to sleep, he was my heart dog my very best friend, he did so much for our breed in the show ring around the world and I was ever so proud of him.

This Christmas is going to be hard as Bear just loved Christmas and all the treats and especially all the visitors who always made a big fuss of this beautiful boy who just loved life, he will be to the fore in my mind this year at this particular time.

He is so so missed by everyone including his two kids that I have here, just a great gaping hole in my heart and I do not think I will ever get over it, as every time I think of him I just mist up.

Rest easy Mum's beautiful boy I love you to heaven and back.


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On September 2 I lost my heartdog Monty. :heart:

I was truly blessed and privileged to have owned such a spirited, beautiful and loyal dog.

Monty - you are etched into my soul and will be missed forever. :rainbowbridge:


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I don't know your dogs. I don't even know you guys really. But every time I read the rainbow thread I even this one my heart bleeds for each and every one of you. I cry even though I don't know you all personally, and I wanted to let you know that the stories you share affect others too.

I want to let you all know you are in my thoughts, as are your Beloveds as Christmas comes around. They are gone but we never forget them, and the pain never goes away nor should it for through the pain of their loss we come to l ow just how fiercely we loved each of them.

Love and cuddles to you all. Xoxo

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A very thoughtful thread ......thankyou

No words can ever express the heart ache & emptyness one feels from the loss of thier beloved friends .....

this year has been extremly tough for me & my heart goes out to who have suffered the pain ....

I gave my beloved maiden bitch,BELLA her wings @ the grand old age of 16,also her beloved daughter SASSIE was released from her suffering aged 11yrs.

Run free my faithful friends .& take care of my Huckleberri

No day is ever the same without you,but you all live on in my heart forever .

Bella 28/1/96-31/12/10.

Sassie 11/1/2000-9/6/ 2011

Huckleberri 5/7/07-21/1/09







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Thank you Talien for your very comforting thoughts for all of us that have lost our heart dogs this year, I have been through this many times over the past 30 years with Frenchies and I know that the terrible loss becomes a warm and wonderful memory, I remember each and every anniversary of my gorgeous kids passing to the rainbow bridge, but with my Bear it is still very raw, run free my gorgeous boy Mum loves you.

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Thankyou Puppy_Sniffer A lovely thought

I lost my Big Baby Boy Jake this year .

It has been about 3 months now and I still go out the back door and look for you in the paddock . We have started to plant Fruit trees and it will be called " Jakes Memorial Orchard "

love you and miss you heaps


week #4/52 by mtd3, on Flickr

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Thank you Puppy_Sniffer

Ruff 22/11/95-15/7/2011

Christmas won't be the same without him.

He went just two days after Benson. That was a terrible week, there were whole lot of DOLers said goodbye to their dogs that week.

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Puppy_sniffer what a beautiful but heartbreaking thread, my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.

I too have not posted about my Clover girl on DOL until now.

I love you and miss you like crazy my beautiful girl, you are never far from my thoughts.

Clover 26/10/1998 - 2/11/2011


clover4 by clover_elvis, on Flickr

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Thank you Puppy_Sniffer

Ruff 22/11/95-15/7/2011

Christmas won't be the same without him.

He went just two days after Benson. That was a terrible week, there were whole lot of DOLers said goodbye to their dogs that week.

So true. I lost Gyps on the 20.7.11 :(

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I feel like this year in particular has been a really bad one for losses. Maybe I just feel for everyone more because I'm in the same boat, but honestly it seems every time I've logged on there has been another heart broken. And it doesn't matter if it was from old age or accident or a pure bred or bitsa, dog or goat, it just feels all so unfair that we get to spend so few years with these amazing animals. They give so much, which is why I guess their absence from our day to day lives is so hard to accept.

Where ever they all are, I hope they know they are still loved and thought of with tears and smiles.

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Thanks for this thread...

I lost a little piece of my :heart: when my old girl Sally left for the Bridge on 29/7.

Fortunately there are many many memories that make me smile and even laugh... but every now and then the tears flow and I can't stop them. I miss her so.

Sonia :cry:


6 weeks


6 years


16 years 9 months - 10 days before she left us

:rainbowbridge: RIP Sally

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Puppy_Sniffer, what a lovely idea this is and a fitting tribute to so many beautiful animals. It's been a sad year for so many of us......

Tango (15/9/2005 - 4/11/2011) ....to an aggressive brain tumour.

..but he's still with me every day on my desk, on the computer, the iPad, the iPhone, the shelf with the barometers, the car still smells like Tango (and I can't bring myself to change that)..he was my heart dog .....................:heart: :heart:


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