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Uploading Photos And Avatars


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To attach an photo to your post, just browse to the image on your pc. (The area to attach an image is just above the 'Post new Topic' or 'Add Reply' button). The only problem is that you have to make sure your image is under 40k or it will not upload successfully.

If you are unsure how to make an image under 40k, then on your image software there should be an option in the toolbar to resize your image. As a guide, resize your image to about 300 - 350 pixels wide. When saving the image on your pc, save it as a JPG file and if you can work it out, use compression of about 25. This should then reduce your file size to under 40k and also keep relatively good quality.


Avatars are changed through the 'My Controls' section and then click on 'Edit Avatar Settings'. When uploading your avatar the size needs to be under 10k and have a maximum width and height of 70 pixels.

If you are having trouble reducing your file to the correct size, send it to [email protected] and your avatar will be returned for you to upload. If you want an animated avatar that changes, send a maximum of 3 pics. Format of pics to send is JPG or GIF. (Please wait up to 24 hours for return of avatar)

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