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Can You Stop A Dog Getting Lost?

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Actually our dog did know where she was when in the car and being driven in the same areas where she walked - she knew the different ways to the park but she was always looking out the car windows and was also walked where she went by car (we have moved house now though she is learning the new area).

It does make sense that if your dog does happen to get out of your property to immediately search where the dog is usually walked you might get lucky and its a good idea to walk different routes so you dog does learn its way around.

My parents lived in Goolwa and took their Golden retriever on different walks - they get sick he gets no walks for a few days I turn up and take him out and he actually joined about 4 different walking routes together for one big walk. He knew where he was going while I had no idea at some stages (Goolwa isnt that big and as long as you knwo where th main road it you wont get lost yourself).

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Twelve years ago we had our two Sharpei stolen out of the front yard. One was six months old (Daisy) and the other 12 months old (Fuchsia) They dumped Fuchsia in the park about 1km away from where we lived. She had only been to the park a couple of times and normally by car. After being walked all over the suburb by the robbers (we got reports later in the day) she still managed to walk through the quite large park, up the road, through the shops, across the train line, down our street and then down our driveaway and collapsed half way up our back stair on the small verandah. To this day we seriously dont know how she did it.

Daisy we finally got back three months later which is a whole other story for another day. A few weeks later we went camping and someone let off fireworks while we were having dinner. Yes, the dogs were off lead but sitting at our feet. Fuchsia decided to run TOWARDS the fireworks and try and catch then while Daisy gently strolled away from them. By the time we grabbed Fuchsia another one had gone off so Daisy bolted into the bush. We drove around calling her name for about an hour and then had to give up as thought it best to try again at first light. We had only been at this campground for a couple of hours but at around midnight Daisy came back into the tent with a big grin on her face like she had been out having the best time.

Both girls passed away last year aged 12 and 13 and never had any major problems with storms or fireworks the rest of their lives. Fuchsia was actually claustrophobic so would dig out of the backyard so she could sit in the front yard and see out at the street. We installed six foot ppol style fencing with dead locked gates for her in the end so that she could see out onto the street. One day she was locked in the backyard and dug under the side yard and the neighbour on the other side saw her and put her into their yard. She didnt like his fence either because she couldnt see out so dug back under his fence and got into our front yard and was happy then. We had to give in and let her live the rest of her life in the front yard!! One other time they both got out and all they did was sit at the front gate and cry to be let back into our place. They were both fantastic dogs and could take them anywhere such as 4wding, camping, visiting friends and they would never wander off.

Our girls never had special training to stay with us or come home if lost so I guess part of the luck that we had is related to their nature and just luck of the draw.

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