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Dogs Eating Dirt

biker girl

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tonight we have just discovered both our sheppie girls (mother/daughter) 7yrs old and 4 yrs old nibbling on a select spot of dirt.

7yr old was licking at the dirt and the younger one was actually nibbling on the harder parts to break it up to access it better...............

They are fed a raw/natural diet with chicken carcesses being the main protein source.

I have never seen any of my dogs, over the many years of owning dogs, ever doing this.

Eating/grazing on grass, yep, not dirt................................

Any ideas??????

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My dogs eat sticks, dirt, grass, roots of plants, bark etc. I think its just their natural instinct to eat things outside from nature? I used to be worried about it, but then nothing happened to them and I don't worry about it anymore. Its natural stuff, their stomach can handle it so I just let them eat it!

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