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For Those Who've Used The Dog Containment Systems..

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We are looking to get one for our place, and there are so many types out there that I'd love to hear from people who actually use them. :)

We live on 2 acres, in a horse area. We have horses, neighbours have horses, all our horse yards join up along one of our boundary fences, we have a communal driveway with our neighbour, and there is a bridlepath on the other side of it, a busy road in front....it's impossible to totally fence off our property.

Tilly,our 12 month labbie, has a big backgarden that she is in when we are not home, but it would be nice to have her out with us when we are pottering about the property, down at the stables etc without having to worry too much about her going off and having fun somewhere else. (At the moment we have her on a long tether when we are there, so she can be with us.)...so any information would be greatly appreciated before I decide which one to get. :)

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I have the Sureguard one. Pretty happy with it so far. When I did my research on these types of fences I was told to stay away from the cheaper imported ones as they only work for a short time then break. Sureguard is Aussie made and their customer service is pretty good.

Like you we have roughly about an acre and a half and there's no way to properly fence it, and then you always have the gate issue. We have a German Shepard and a Boxer that it contains. I have heard they wont work well with some breeds that have strong hunting instincts as they may run through the fence after a cat, rabbit or whatever.

I use marking paint to show the boundries and train the dogs not to go past that line. Or you can use the little yellow flags that come supplied with the system.

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