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Bison The Rottweiler And His Lymphoma Battle


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The hardest part for me when I lost both my girls earlier this year was coming home to an empty house. Like you said.... It just feels strange.

What about contacting PACERS? I'm sure they know of families doing it tough. It's a very kind thing to do at such a sad time for you.

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:( Just saw this. Condolences to you - he sounded as though he was a very brave dog - and you did everything you could for him, including that final gift of release that we can give to our beloved friends. Thank you for sharing his story.
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Thanks again everyone.

It helps to have like-minded people understand what I'm going through. :).

I have also started a thread in marketplace, with all proceeds going to charity. Please check it out:


I saw that and went hunting for the news. Never met your Bison but am genuinely sad to hear. Take care of yourself and your close ones. Kudos to you for the good turn you're paying forward in his name.

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Thanks for all the support everyone.

It kinda feels like we all new him with your updates, he was such a handsome boy, how are you goung DR?

I'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking. :)

As mentioned, I knew it was coming so it wasn't a big shock, but what was really amazing how fast he went downhill.

He did seem sluggish, but was still interested in exercise/food the day before he was PTS. Then over the next 12 hours he went from sluggish to not being able to get up easily and generally looked sad/tired. So the time was right.

Such is life.

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Hey, glad you are ok, it must be empty without the big guy around.

Will you ever get another DR? or is it too painful.

Sorry for late reply I deliberately avoided this thread for a while.

Too painful.

Although, it does get easier with time, as cliche as that sounds.

I can safely say that he had a great life, I'm trying to focus on the positives as opposed to the cancer.

I highly doubt I'll ever get another dog again. As much joy as they do give you, you really do get attached, it is in many aspects like losing a family member and isn't just a matter of getting another dog to replace the void.

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