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What's Your 10 Second Info Grab?


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Thinking about this after the thread on breed misidentification.

When I'm out walking or at an Aggie show where the punters are walking around I sometimes get asked what my dogs are. I say they are Salukis and if I get a blank look then I say "You know how greyhounds are the sprinters of the dog world? Well, Salukis are the cross country runners". That usually keeps people happy. I occasionally resort to "greyhounds with ponytails" when talking to kids, but as a smooth owner I always feel a bit guilty about that shorthand.

So what's your quick explanation? I have learned to keep it really short, as attention spans are short, and given many peoples issues with all things Arab, I don't get into the country of origin unless the person clearly wants to chat. Weirdly enough there is something about the name that makes many people think they are Japanese.


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I've got an easy one, really, with a toy poodle. Though I do seem to often be clarifying that she's not a teacup, and that actually there's really no such THING as a teacup poodle or pom or anything else. Sometimes I get the 'oh.. a .. poodle.. *insert eyeroll*' thing, to which I just reply 'yep! isn't she great?' :D And a few times I've been asked whether poodles are "prissy", or as "prissy as they seem to be". I'd love to know what that's supposed to actually MEAN ... I just say no, in the same way you'd say no to someone who asked you whether you like to torture animals. :laugh:

Thankfully I do get a lot of people saying "oh wow, you never really see pure poodles around these days" or things to that effect :thumbsup:

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For Lapphund - "A Finnish version of the Border Collie, but they herd reindeer instead of sheep".

For Keeshond - "A watchdog for the river boats in Holland".

That's it. I keep it simple. I find people who want to know more will ask - the majority don't care for the finer details! :)

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I have a GSD X Meremma. He looks GSD in every way possible, except his ears. They are floppy, he looks like the flying nun lol. So I get the "meremma?????" I just say they are the big white dogs you see out in paddocks with livestock. "ohhhhhh..... *blank stare*.... Well.... He's cute...." *walks away* and I have a 10 week old Great Dane, which ive only gotten "oh how much dose she eat?" "hope you've got a saddle for her!" "my dog is probably just a snack for her!" which I've replied "she eats no more than any pup her age" "im sure I could ride her bare back" and "no, she isn't a cannibal..." pfft! Lol

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People ask if Kirah is a Silky Terrier. I say she's an Aussie Terrier, which are far more awesome than the Silky!! :laugh:

When I was bringing her home from her breeder, a person asked if she was a Chihuahua. :eek:

Zeus always gets: "is he a Beagle?"

Me: "Nope. Apparently there's JRT in him too but I just see loveable goofball!!!"

Edited to say: People also ask if the Aussie Terrier is actually an Aussie breed and seem quite surprised when I tell them yes they were developed in Australia and Kirah is Australian owned and made. That one usually gets a laugh!!

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For my Cardigan Corgi girl;

Yes she is a purebred; there are two types of Corgi, Pembrokes, like the Queen owns, and cardigans, which are bigger, more laid back in temperament, and come in a wider range of colours!

and to the inevitable, 'Oh, I thought Corgis were nippy and aggressive...'

Well, they can be, but they are a cattle herding bred, and bred to have enough will and determination to enable a dog of their size to move around hundreds of kilo of cattle. Wouldn't you be nippy if people tried to treat you like a cute lap dog?

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If pressed - "a short-haired Australian version of a border collie" :)

Although I've found almost every Australian knows what a kelpie is, and almost no-one from any other nationality does (maybe except for NZ).

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Well it takes 10 seconds to say 'she's a nova scotia duck tolling retriever' :laugh: usually followed closely by 'yes I'm serious that is what they are called!!!'



It is a mouthful though!

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"They're like the Maremma from Italy

except my dogs are from Turkey and Central Asia "

(in response to blank stares I list Kazakh, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan ... if all else fails I say old USSR satellite countries).

In the absence comprehension about the Maremma analogy

I describe the dogs as guard dogs that guard - not herd - the cows, goats sheep etc.

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"wolves, foxes and hares"

"Yep, wolves"

"No, that's the Irish Wolfhound, these ones come in lots of different colours"

"yes, very fast"

"no, she hasn't had a bath for a month, she just looks like that"

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