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Riley 09/01/01 - 06/07/12


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I know how you are feeling.

I lost my heart dog in June 2011, my darling Bear,he was 13 years old just, I could not bear to part with anything that belonged to him, I packed up his favourite toys, lead and dinner plate and put them in a safe and special place, the biscuits eventually had to be eaten by the Frenchies that I still have.

Time heals, you never think it will but it does, now after this past 19 months I just remember the cuddles the walks and admire his descenants doing so well in the show rings around the world, he lives on through them. :hug: to you at this time of reminising.

Hope that you will eventually arrive at the stage that I am at now, you will never forget, but when you think of them it will bring a smile on your face and a lovely warm feeling, they never leave you.

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