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Teebs not on here much and just read about Atlas :( There are no words I can find to help ease your pain, he was a very special boy and loved by all here at Dol and enjoyed reading about his antics of what he could eat, RIP Atlas hugs to you Teebs :hug:

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hey juice

Actually had a really bad night, kept dreaming that no one would print a photo of him for me :( was glad to get out of bed

Missing him like crazy, but not much i can do about it :(

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Teebs, I am so so sorry for your loss of the magnificent Atlas :cry: Like a few other DOLers, I havent been on here much lately, and I didnt know your boy was sick.....He is my favourite DOL dog :heart:

I am glad you now have him home with you. Please take care, be thinking of you over the next few months :hug:

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