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Help! Puppy Hardly Eating!

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Has puppy been vaccinated? Just that if she is only six weeks, when was the vac given? My pups are vaccinated 6-7 weeks and then don't leave for their new homes until a further two weeks later (or maybe longer). Good to hear that she is eating a bit better.

I was wondering about this too, also if the puppy has been regularly wormed.

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Yes pup had her vaccination on Thursday. I don't know about worming, which is something else I am asking the vet about today. I know she didn't get wormed last week apparently the vet wanted to wait?

She is full of play and life this morning but I am still going to get her checked out.

Thanks again.

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Ok so we have been to the vets.

She said she is a very healthy well hydrated puppy. She thinks that she is getting enough liquid from her food hence not seeing her drink much. She got wormed today and I have more to give her in 2 weeks then 2 weeks after that she is due for her 2nd needles and will get done then too.

Vet is happy with quantities I am feeding her, but agreed about changing over to better quality foods, also agrees about being done slowly!

Pup absolutely scoffed her lunch down today and I will just keep monitoring the situation. I also saw her have a good drink earlier after she had had her lunch and a play.

Thank you all for the advice.

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