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What Age To Space Feeds Out?

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Hi all

Well Taya is now almost 10 weeks old and has settled in really well.

I have noticed though that she is starting to leave food at some meal times. For example today she polished off breakfast and lunch but has left most of her dinner so far which she has had available for 2 hours now.

She is still very active, playing and sleeping, and drinking well.

I am starting to wonder if she might be better on 2 feeds a day now?

is she old enough to drop to that?

Thanks in advance for replies!

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I would still have her on 3 meals a day for a bit longer. But I would be giving her the last meal much later in th eevening and I wouldn't leave it down for 2 hours either. I'd feed roughly 8, 2 and 8 or 9. Depends when you are home from work etc.

First meal to go would be the lunch time one.

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I do feed two main meals as a rule (for people who work this can be a practical thing too). during the day pups get a raw meaty bone such as a brisket bone or roo tail to eat/chew on.

Check the pups weight. If you can't feel the pups ribs, perhaps reduce the size of the meals for a little while if you want to feed three meals. The pup may be getting more than enough.

One of the biggest dangers with pups IMO is over feeding.

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My puppy was doing almost exactly the same thing at the same age, except she was leaving her lunch. She's 17 weeks nearly now and has only just started really hoing into her lunch. I feed her at roughly 9am (when we get back from taking the kids to school), between 1-2 (when she wakes up from her sleep) then between 6-7 (after we have our tea), she also gets a very, very small handful of biscuits for supper.

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