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Man Tries To Eat Live Pitbull

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STUNNED witnesses say a man who viciously attacked a dog on a street was trying to eat the animal alive.

Ontario police confirmed that a young man had been apprehended and admitted to hospital under provisions of the Mental Health Act as details about the bizarre case began emerging.

The dog, described as a female pit bull, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and remains in the care of animal control in Pembroke, Ontario.

While police are saying little, eyewitnesses are recounting a terrifying scene in the early morning hours of Wednesday with one woman saying she and her husband were awakened by the mournful howls of an animal in distress.

Looking out the front window, the couple saw a man wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and lying on top of a dog. She said she raced outside and saw the man biting the dog’s back and head.

“It was something out of a horror movie,” said the woman, who asked not be identified. “He was literally eating her alive. It was terrible.”

In the car with a friend, 18-year-old Tanner Comeau, of Petawawa, Ont., said he observed the black form of the pit pull lying in the middle of the intersection. At first, he thought the dog had been struck by a car. Then he saw the figure of a man leaning over the dog’s body.

Comeau said he and his friend screamed at the attacker before calling 911.

The pit bull was gushing blood as a circle of bystanders gathered to yell at the man.

“He had the dog in a choke hold and was biting it,” Comeau said. “He was trying to eat it or something.”

Witnesses were reluctant to approach the assailant, who was behaving erratically.

Finally, the dog ran off and was taken indoors by residents.

The woman said she wrapped the dog up in a blanket, and said she thought the man may have been the owner because he kept calling the dog “Jessie.”

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