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Deliberately Trying To Get Bitten..or Maybe He's An Idiot..


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Extremely serious situation.

Been there, done that twice.

Two different sets of neighbours.

Couldn't believe it was possible to have two neighbours from hell in succession.

MUP you need to nip this problem in the bud and fast.

If it was me, I would respond with as much authority as I could muster.

You cannot allow this to continue.

You must call the police.

The neighbour is not allowed to interfere with you or your property.

You must also make it quite clear to the police that you want an immediate ceasation and the neighbour made to desist.

Trust me, this kind of event can become lengthly, time consuming and costly exercise.

Commonly, an offer to live amicably will not be successful.

Good Luck.

BTW The police will probably advise you to move.

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If I was in that situation I would make it so that the dogs can't get to that area of the fence. It would probably mean more fencing set back from the existing fence but I would do it and take out a loan to do it if I had to. As some of us have seen on here from another poster these things can really escalate and make life extremely stressful.

Changing things from your side of the fence would probably end up being less trouble in the long run than trying to reform an idiot.

ETA ....I left my computer for a quite a while before I finished my post and pressed send so missed your post above.

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I would report it, I would video him also.. I get the feeling he is setting your dog up and wants him to bite .. What a dickhead ..

I agree...makes dog bite, has physical evidence of bite, your dog gets in trouble/you get fined/dog gets PTS/he is rid of his "problem"

I also agree with what others have said about putting in an internal fence further than arms length from the boundary fence. Should you have to? NO, and I would be mad as hell if this were me, but sadly in order to protect your dogs you might have to.

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Run a hot wire around the fence so the dogs (and him) cant get near each other.

Tell him to keep his arms and legs on his side of the fence, and I'd still report his behaviour to council ranger, sounds like he might be trying to get some aggro response from them and get rid of your dogs.

Good idea to film him when he does it. Idiot.

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Video cameras are a good idea. In this situation, where he is deliberately trying to stir your dogs (and we are assuming his motivation is to get rid of them) then you will really need evidence of him doing this so if it comes to it it won't just be dismissed as hearsay and you still have the issues of his evidence that your dog is aggro. Probably worth forking out for a good system - you may loose the money anyway on vet bills and being dragged through the courts.

Also what about getting enclosed kennels/runs for the dogs? Can you hire some for a few weeks? Not a nice solution for the dogs but may prevent them getting to any bait he throws over the fences - if your yard is anything like mine and pens in the middle of the yard would still be able to be reached with a decent throw then maybe peg some shadecloth around them too. Pens would also prevent any possibility of them getting to him to bite him.

Are his dogs yappy and irritating? Maybe report him to the council for that so he has his own issues to contend with too.

What do your other neighbours say? Do they know hes doing this? Any chance they can record some or make a formal statement too?

Id also confirm with the council/police/courts about exactly what a dog is allowed to do to defend itself and property. I was under the understanding that dogs were allowed to protect themselves, their property and their family (I think I found this on my council website). You need to know exactly where you stand if he stuck his arm over the fence and was bitten. Good time to start building a good working relationship with the people in your local laws dept.

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I might drop into the police and have a chat next week. I have a large outdoor garage for my maremma that is enclosed but with a breezeway and a couple of windows for ventilation. I can't lock him up all day though as he gets really irritated as he's an LGD and it's his job to protect his property. I really don't think they'd bait the dogs, because not only would it be obvious where it came from but he's not that kind of guy, he's too much of a coward imho. I am home all the time and when I'm out the dogs are locked up. I check the yard vigilantly throughout the day just in case. There's no way I could lock the kelpies up all day, I'd get noise harassments.

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Take photos, set up video cameras and keep a detailed diary of all that takes place.

Contact your local council ranger and advise them of the situation including them keeping 5 dogs on the premises as I guarantee they arent registered. Make sure after you speak to them you either send an email (return receipt requested) or letter - registered post confirming the conversation.

Make a temporary fence to keep the dogs away from the fence line.

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I would look into the legalities of electric fencing first :) if the man is that much of a problem he will have you for that as well.

Secure locked runs for when you are not home, an internal fence to keep your dogs off the boundary, documented evidence of his threats and actions towards your dogs, keep a diary, put in a complaint to the police and speak to your ACO. I would move :)

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