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Which Brand Show Trolley To Choose?

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I would welcome DOLers experiences with show trolleys as the time has now come for me to get a new one.

At the moment I am trying to decide between a Vebo trolley (2 door) and an Aeoleus (2 door) with 6" air wheels.

I thought the air wheels might be easier to push but am not sure how heavy or how robust the Aeoleus trolley is?

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I bought a vebo - great service delivered within 2 days.

The crate covers are also great, even better then fit all three trolleys as they are all the same size just a different door arrangement.

I don't think it's 23kg, certainly does not feel like it.

I like my trolley, is only used for an Affen

Things I would like are..

Brakes or at least one

Some type of cross bar to hang a water bowl on.

I went around at shows and spoke to various people and asked the pros and cons of their trolleys before I went with Vebo.

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Things to consider

What you actually want to use it for.

I mainly use mine for pushing the gear in so the real light weight filmsy ones won't last long .

When pushing some of the cheapies sway/bend & aren't user friendly .

We have the 2 light weight ones (ozzie Scales ) & they are excellent & push well with the junk but we also have very pusher friendly grounds.

So consider the shows you attend & the grounds you need to deal with .

Some are heavy but sometimes the heavy ones do the job best

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I went around at shows and spoke to various people and asked the pros and cons of their trolleys before I went with Vebo.

I have 2 from Vebo .... and they are a great buy ... I have recommended them

to several people who have all been very happy with them.

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Thanks for all your ideas.

The one I have at the moment looks like it might be a Vebo or very similar.

Problem I have with that one is that it isn't easy to push and doesn't like rough ground....not 4 wheel drive at all!! :laugh:

However the Vebo ones are good value and I like the idea of the nicely fitted cover which you can get to fit them.

Does anyone know if you can fit different wheels to the Vebo?

Has anyone tried the Aeoleus brand trolley??

I agree the weight of them is a consideration when lifting them in and out of the car....hmmmm...still can't decide!! :confused:

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If you show on manicured grounds and easy paths and want to put one Chihuahua and a chair in it? Aluminium.

If you want to put 90kg of dog food (yes, product won by a bunch of us) and haul it up and over a goat track with two Golden Retrievers attached to the front pulling it? Steel - in fact Ccrates Steel. My Ccrates trolley has taken an amazing amount of abuse and is still sound.

A lot of aluminium ones warp. That can lead to problems with door catches closing properly. I don't find the extra weight makes all that much difference but if you had a dodgy back, I'd probably choose a aluminium one.

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My OKS trolley has carried about 100kg of kibble, gone off the beaten track, is used to lug all my equipment to and from the car, been rained on AND has lasted 6yrs. The only bit that has not survived was the toggle to shut the door which came loose and I lost- but was fixed with a screw and some superglue :laugh: I have a trolley cover made up by great rugs which is great.

And it is light enough for me to pick up and put in the car.

The veebo trolleys have been ok for small/light dogs and where people dont really want to go off road.

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Thanks for the PM Zeebie. I have emailed them for some specs.

Ashley B, the OK ones look very similar to the Vebo trolleys.....how do they differ do you know??

I can't go back to the steel trolleys, even though they are more robust, they are just too heavy. It is going to have to be an aluminium one but I would like some decent wheels on it.

I wonder how difficult it is to get some new wheels from say Bunnings and put them on myself?

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I have never used the Vebo ones but have had friends buy them and they have had the wheels fall off, floor and roof warp and do up clip break or stop working. They are half the price, and that cuts down on the quality from those I have spoken to.

Is there anyone on here with a Vebo one at all or one they have had for 10 years? My OKS one copes with anything! In the case of trolleys I really believe you get what you pay for. Just my experience.

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I think also it totally depends how you store trolley and how well you look after like any peice of equipment.

I regularly oil wheel bearings, sprayed all the hinges with WD40 to help disperse water and prevent rust.

As i want it to last I am careful in using it - I do give it a load but have also put better quality wheels on to manage rough terrain.

The primary function being a dog containment item I try to always factor that in when using it :)

I did not get a Vebo trolley due to them being all aluminium, but the one I did get although still Aluminium is manufactured specifically for the supplier with all the extra care and attention put in. I am also petite and needed light weight item.

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We brought our trolley 10+ years ago. It is the heavy one with large pumped up wheels.

So far only damage has been to wheels went flat so found a lawnmower place that looked at me weird to change

the inner tubes.

have had 4 x7+kg dogs in it plus some gear and the floor is still stable.

Just brought a second hand one in a similiar model but has the small plastic wheels, don't like those.

Good luck on your search.


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Well I have looked at them all and I think the Aeoleus one is the only one that will fit in the back of my car, be light enough to lift easily and be the easiest to push over rough terrain.

Does anyone have any experience with this brand?

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