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My Beautiful Buddy Hung At The Groomers ....how Can This Happen ;(


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Words simply fail me, I am in tears after reading about your horrific loss and can only imagine the horrendous pain you are suffering right now.

Big hugs for you and please, as soon as you are able to, go after the [insert expletives of your choice] salon with all guns blazing, there is no excuse possible that could forgive negligence of this magnitude.

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Oh my goodness. I am crying, and trying not to be sick reading about this horrific tragedy.

I cannot offer any words for you, and I cannot even begin to imagine how you are feeling right now.

I am just so, so very sorry :( :(

RIP Buddy

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Caz, my heart is breaking for you. You must be absolutely devastated! :cry: Buddy was such an absolutely gorgeous boy. It must be so hard for you to accept that your precious boy could be taken away from you so suddenly and so tragically like this. I think I know which grooming place this is, and it would have been the vet that I go to where they took Buddy. They are great vets and would have done everything they could to save him.

I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this terrible time.

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what a horrid tragedy :cry: poor Buddy may he rest in peace :cry:

if any1 knows which salon can u pm me please, as I just recommended a salon to my niece and want to make sure it is not this one .

This will impact on even well trusted salons , as people will start to question how well they trust their salon with their pets

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