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I Feel Like An Idiot Calling My Vet Every Week...:-(


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I would also like to thank Steve for this extremely generous invitation. I'll get details together :)

And Hongi is such a gorgeous little furball! The photo of the two of you together is especially lovely. My life as a puppy parent, much like the life of my puppy, is pretty chaotic right now. Lots of new learning experiences for both of us. Having the support of a vet, your breeder and the community at large is a huge benefit - don't know how I'd manage without it.

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This is usually the kind of stuff you should be able to go back to your breeder and ask about - one of the main reasons for buying from a breeder who is knowledgeable and who will be available after the pup goes home.

You need to remember that there are two different types of tape worm - one the flea tape worm - every time you see fleas you can assume the dog might have tape worm ,as the dog is infected when it swallows a flea - the other is unlikely you will ever need to worry about as it is contracted by the dog eating offal from sheep that's not inspected. This is usually only a problem for dogs who are out bush and getting stuck into dead animal bodies or for dogs who's owners feed food which they kill themselves.

Its hard for puppies not to have roundworm as they are infected by the larvae crossing the placenta from their Mum's even though Mum had no sign of having worms .The larvea remain dormant in her uterus just waiting for the chance to be shipped into puppies and they get a second hit via her milk. Its hard for a breeder to totally avoid this and all breeders know the risk and always worm puppies even if they see no sign of worms.

Your worm meds only cover the worms in a particular life stage so that's why you need to worm them again in 2 weeks after you have seen them as you have. After that you shouldn't need to be so concerned as when the dog gets older especially boys they have a bit more of immunity to them.

Im happy to shout you , Ann21, Ruin Maniac,Baby Pepper and Sheenat a free course each - Good Health and the Family dog which should put you at ease a bit and help in future.

My link

Dear Steve,

what a lovely surprise! I would love to accept your generous and kind offer. Thank you so much!

Gabriele and BabyPepper

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