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Please Help Me Save My Dog


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Edited. ... Okay some googling has shown me that no further posting could be a good idea. Thanks so much for your help over the last few months everyone, and your well-wishes. It has meant a great deal to Roo and I :)

This has really confused me, Jellyblush. I cannot begin to understand what messages googling would have provided to bring you to a decision to post or not to post :confused::confused: .

And if a rescue group has asked you not to post about your experiences, then I would be dropping that rescue group like a hot potatoe.

That said, would love to have an update on how you are going. We have all become very fond of you and Roo and care about how you are progressing :) .

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If Mia has not got a green collar/not wearing a muzzle and you are struggling to walk them both, you do need to think what would happen if you dropped one of the leads or both. Noone has any control over a greyhound if they have seen something that sets their prey drive into gear and Roo will join.

You could definitely end up in lots of trouble.

Greyhounds should also not be let off leash in dog parks and def. not one without a green collar.

A couple of years ago a little dog and its owner were mauled in a dog park round here by 2 black greyhounds. Not sure if Council ever found the stupid owners but the dog nearly died, it's owner managed to grab it and threw it over the fence which is high and set about clambering over as well but had a chunk taken out of his leg by one of the greys who were in hunting mode.

I love greyhounds much more than the average person but like any dog, they must be properly managed. I'm pretty sure that the rescue you have gotten Mia from has not given you the proper amount of information to work with.

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