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Vaccinations For Older Dogs


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I took Simi to puppy school and she has only ever had a C3 so you should be right.

oh i hope so, thanks for letting me know, i'm going do some asking around next week :)

did you take Simi a couple weeks after the second lot or or the 3rd booster one?

It was after the second one and before the third :)

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My dogs are no longer "routinely" vaccinated. They're 13, almost 13, 10 and 4 yrs of age.

They only ever got KC when they were boarded and that was after having the two strains of vaccine. The youngest dog was the sickest but even so was better within 10 days and all she needed was a bit of cough mixture and extra attention.

I won't take them somewhere if a pre-requisite is having them vaccinated. I no longer need to use boarding kennels as I have family around the corner who can mind them. My belief is that kennels may request vaccinations just to cover their own arses rather than for any concern over my particular dogs' health and welfare. That's JMO...I could be wrong. :)

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If that was my dog there isnt a chance Id vaccinate it .

Ditto here.

Besides - your Vet and others might still move for the 12 month vaccination, but read the AVA status on over-vaccination. Even they, the body that governs its Veterinary members, discourages over-vaccination. Last time I read their statement they confirmed the vaccinations lasting for 3 and up to 7 years. IMO, they're likely to last longer. So, even in a healthy dog, why go more frequently than that even if you are scared and lacking the confidence the others of us have developed with not vaccinating beyond the first puppy vaccination regime?

But with a dog whose system is already compromised and taxed, no way would I even entertain the idea of subjecting it to chemical assault that would add to the load it is already struggling to cope with.

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