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Goodbye My Precious Brianna, 26 March 2004 - 17 February 2013


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Today it is three months since my precious girl left us. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I still miss her so much! Every morning I wake up and expect her to nudge me gently so she can hop up for a cuddle on the bed, and every night when I go to bed I expect her to greet me in the bedroom doorway after her having gone to bed earlier with her Daddy.

Difficult days were so much easier to cope with knowing that Brianna was at home waiting for me. She always knew when I needed a cuddle, and many times when things got too much she would be there and would make everything feel better. Brianna was such a special girl, and our family just isn't the same without her. :cry: I still cry for her often. Today has been a very difficult day, and I have cried a lot. :cry:

Brianna, you were a very precious girl and we were so blessed to have had you in our lives. Mummy misses you darling! xxx


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Hugs to you Wendy on this anniversary no-one should ever have to go through. It is one of the many "firsts" I am yet to face, and know I will be a wreck too. Your post could have been written by me, it is exactly how I feel.

Cry buckets of tears today, and every day you need to, and look after yourself, Brianna would want that.


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Thanks so much for your support and understanding. :hug:Brianna was my heart dog, my constant companion. She meant the world to me and I miss her so much! :cry:

Thank you harley, she was a very pretty girl. :)

tikira, I am so sorry you are feeling the same way. They leave such a huge hole don't they? You are right, Brianna would have wanted me to look after myself. She was always very concerned when I was upset or hurt. :cry:

Thanks Pheebs, I know you understand what it feels like. :hug: Our beautiful girls are probably reacquainting themselves with each other at rainbow bridge. :) I remember so clearly the day I took Brianna to meet Tess! :)

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I have just seen your tribute and am shocked to hear your news .... I don't often come in here as I end up in tears very quickly.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. The love and bond you had with your girl was evident every time you posted. There is nothing quite like a cocker to get into your heart and take a very big piece of it.

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Thanks dougal, I really appreciate your kind thoughts. It has been seven months now since my beautiful girl died, and I still miss her desperately. She was my very precious girl and it is still hard to believe that we lost her so suddenly. Cockers are such special dogs.

Anne, sorry I didn't see this when you wrote it. Yes, it is a very beautiful photo of Brianna. I know that you understand how I am feeling, and I hope things are getting a bit easier for you. I don't think you ever get over the loss, you just learn how to deal with it. :hug:

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