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Dog Minding/kennels In Perth


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Wow, I havent been on DOL for such a long time! :wave:

Posting for a good friend that has recently moved to Perth. She has a new pup and needs to go away for a few days. She is nervous about putting him in a kennel without a recommendation but doesn't know any doggie people in WA.

She was just checking out this site http://perth.topdogminders.com Has anyone had any experience with them? I would love to hear any kennel recommendations anyone may have too. She lives in Cockburn but is willing to travel for somewhere great.


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I haven't heard of topdogminders before, but have heard of(though not used) http://www.allpethousesitters.net.au/

I currently get a vet nurse to house sit for me when we travel, works great as she knows both dogs well and if any medications are needed I'm confident she's experienced enough to not mess it up!

Maybe you friend could visit all the local vets and see if any of the nurses would like to help out?

There are a couple of kennels that I have used that I highly recommend, both have quite a number of grassed runs, and the dogs spend a fair bit of time outside(weather permitting of course)

Merrybark Kennels

22 Fraser Rd Canning Vale WA 6155‎

(08) 9455 2786

Natural Paws

209 Cormorant Court Southern River WA 6110

(08) 9398 4616

Another I used quite a few years ago, and was very happy with, was Danzalin

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