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Lilly A K A Adora Queenlee


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This is my first post in a while. I'm really sad to post that my beloved greyhound, Lilly was PTS and passed peacefully on the morning of Friday 8 March 2013. She is buried in the small paddock at the back of my house. It was the most difficult decision but she was no longer enjoying life even though she was not in any pain...she just lost her zing and I knew it was time.

Lilly, you were a goofy, silly, crazy, often brainless hound. You had a ridiculous sense of fun and humour. Doing zoomies was your favourite thing. So was finding the most comfy place to rest - usually my bed. And snuggling. You really didn't like water, puddles were almost torture...and yet you'd spend hours digging in soft dirt just for fun.

You changed a lot over the years. When you came home, I remember you wouldn't come near my bedroom, preferring to sleep at the other end of the house, stretched out on the lounge. Slowly but surely you got closer to the bedroom until you slept right outside the door. And eventually, you not only moved into the room, but you took over the bed too! So what did I do? Of course I got a bigger bed and you spread out even more.

I'll always remember my one and only greyhound. I can never have another...as much as I love the breed, there will never be another Lilly. It was the best $15 I ever spent in rescuing her...

I love you Lilly, run free, and go get that bunny! :rainbowbridge::heart:

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