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This Is How Dogs Play...


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We often have my brother's dog Elli over for play dates with my Brittany Zora. Elli is a Stafford that was given back to and then privately rehomed by her breeder, so she was 5 when she came to my brother. Zora has known Elli since she was 8 weeks old and absolutely adores her. They play wonderfully together, of course they always slobber all over each other and end up playing in the black dirt :laugh:





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Great photos, they look like they have a ball together. Love Elli's 'crazy eye' look.

Zora is very pretty. Even with slobbery sand truffles on her coat. :laugh:

Never heard that before! Gold :thumbsup:

Why thanks! :cool:

Trust me, after a boxer play date, it's hard to see the dogs behind the slobbery sand truffles :grimace:

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