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Seymour Shows Numbers/results


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bel are you Metro Melbourne or Country, just curious on the time frame of delivery for your number??

My envelope arrived today after it was posted at Wandong a few days after the cut off only to be advised that I was late in entering?

Very interesting considering recent events........hmmmmmmm :confused:

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Got numbers the other day. It's all in together for both shows.

Begins with (# in group):

Group 1 - 1 (188)

Group 2 - 189 (76)

Group 3 - 265 (157)

Group 4 - 422 (122)

Group 5 - 544 (151)

Group 6 - 695 (187)

Group 7 - 882 (128)

Last no - 1009

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Thank you for letting me know Lady of the Ghans that you had your numbers a few days back.

Too bad if I had accomodation booked, I would have been forfeiting a deposit because of a late cancellation due to no fault of my own. I would have thought that the envelope would have been returned as soon I was deemed to late to enter. I received it back today 16 May, with a post mark of the 14 May. Hmmmmmm

Just over 2 weeks ago I rescheduled an appointment that was booked for this Friday because I thought my entries were in the shows, now I find out today that was a complete waste of time!

Good luck to all entered!

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That sucks Stolz :(

Got mine early this week, entered both, but only got one number? Would there be the same numbers for each day? Or am I missing a number?

Same number and one catalogue for both shows as far as I can tell.

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Stolz that surprises me as our entries were late as well

We are in Albury and our mail is usually really slow.

I won't be there as I have a litter due on Monday but my house mate will be showing our 3 dallys and 2 Shih Tzus.

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Thanks Lady of the Ghans! I was a bit confused (not that that is a hard thing to happen..) :)

No probs :) If you follow the catalogue, just beware that the group will move faster than you think.. haha I've been caught with that before!

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Bis saluki

Ruis cav

Baby Samoyed

Minor afghan

Puppy corgi

Best In Show was actually a Boxer - Aust.Grand Ch Targeted By Newlaithe (Imp UK)

Owned by David and Faye Crooks

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