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Percy, You Sweet Old Soul.


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Darling Percy. He was with me for a year and has left such an empty space. He settled in like he'd always lived here, he also had all the usual daily maintenance wobbly old man things happening and was retired into permanent care. We enjoyed days in the garden or a shuffle in the park, mostly Percy loved his doggy stairs up onto the sofa, from there he could claim the best spot. He had a collection of his favourite coral fleece blankets and a wardrobe of clothes that had to be straight out of the clothes dryer before he'd let me dress him.

Very suddenly, his body began to fail him and we had to say goodbye forever. :rainbowbridge: You can't hold back time but I hope his last year on earth was the best.

Goodbye beautiful.

I miss your happy little morning dance and your clever way of slowly inching your way onto my lap with nobody realising they were being slid off onto the sofa. :) And your champion speed at working the IQ puzzle toy to get out your favourite snacks. Cheeky boy. I'll see you again one day and promise to have my pockets stuffed full of roo treats.

Missed by us all.



Percy at the pound


Percy in the car the day he got out.


Percy's first and last christmas with us. :heart: :heart:


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Anna - every dog that spends time with you is richer for it... they all know exactly how well they are loved and treasured - be that for a long time, or not very long at all. And when their time comes, you let them go with love and dignity... even when it's breaking your huge and loving heart.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I want to be just like you when (or if) I grow up!



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I am so sorry for your loss, you must be devastated to have lost little Percy! What a beautiful little man he was! Take comfort in knowing that you gave him a wonderful life and that he died knowing he was loved and treasured. The difference in his entire being is so evident from the first compared to the last photo. He knew he was special and he knew he was loved. You gave him that, and that's all a little boy could ever want. Thinking of you! :hug: Rest easy Percy, little man! :rainbowbridge:

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