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Almost 12yo Greyhound Needs Home Or Rescue Asap

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The other old Greys thread got me thinking about bob.

It's obviously a great day for new beginnings and is bob's first gotya day anniversary. Thank you so much Winterpaws family for the love you give this beautiful boy. :flower:

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I am a bad mum as work is so busy this time of the year...

I can't believe it has been a year though, it feels like yesterday. Bob has been such a good boy and we are so so grateful to have him in our lives. How many greyhounds do you know who can cope with wild rabbits hopping through their yards all the time LOL. I can honestly say I don't think he has any prey drive at all. I wish I could find out if he raced as that would be really interesting!

He is still full of life and if I am 5 minutes late with dinner he lets me know by chewing on the corner of his bed :mad :mad :D :D

We do love him to bits and I will get some anniversary photos on the weekend :D He's so healthy for a 13 year old, someone obviously looked after him!

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