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Neko has a new challenge in her life. A puppy! But not hers.  Soda the whippet joined our little pack a few weeks ago.  Yes! I bought a Covid puppy! :laugh:. Not really. I’ve been whippetless for almost a year and have been looking the whole time.  Neko is fantastic with him, Secret is doing her best, but he’s goofy, clumsy and rough, and she’s smart enough to know he could hurt her.  Of course I do my best to protect all of them.   Keeps me busy, makes me get out of bed in the mornings. Puppy’s name is Soda….as in Creamy Soda.  His colour is very unusual in Australia. He’s the first one I’ve actually seen here, although I think there has to be more because we have all the same bloodlines that produce them overseas.  


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