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I like the idea of someone to set up and pack up - Ii think I would prefer a reserved marquee spot for every show LOL

I know! Right!?

I want more dogs to show :)

You'll have a job in Group 1 for BOB run offs in a few months if you're happy with that? Coco loves her Aunty Megz!

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I want someone who lives close to me, that is experienced in handling, to give me lessons to build my confidence. :-)

I think Wangaratta Kennel Club runs shows handling classes but you have to ask for them. I haven't been so can't advise on how good, or not, they are.

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A Trolley!!! I hate carting the crate + the grooming table! :p

Never done it myself, as I have trolleys. But I have seen some magic done with crates that have an add on board/lid covered with pyramid rubber - instant grooming table (depending on the height of your crate lol).

And why not be even more clever and add a wheeled platform that the crate/table can sit on and it is then magically a trolley that you can pile all your stuff into and push to your spot!

Well, in my defence, it IS a bit of a daydreaming thread! laugh.gif

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Check out the trolleys from hardware places for moving stuff around the house - four wheels, platform, fold up handle. Very light weight and make hauling crap around really easy, I've seen some on special for $25-$45 depending on the weight/size of wheels/I guess quality of the trolley.

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