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Symbio Zoo (helensburgh, Sydney)


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Well - I finally got myself down to Symbio Zoo today... and got some nice pics... *grin*

They have very cute little Marmosets and Tamarins, Meerkats, Koalas, various birds, and a few reptiles... AND you can go in with and pat and feed Kangaroos, Emus, Alpacas, etc!

AND they have TIGERS!! They have a really awesome Tiger viewing area... heaps better than the setup at Taronga even! If you want great pics of Tigers, get thee to Symbio Zoo and rock up for the 12:30 feeding and keeper talk... you won't be disappointed... lots of viewing area and brilliantly set up for getting great photos of the Tigers chowing down on their lunch nice and close!

It's a small zoo, so I managed to go around it twice with my camera in under 4 hours... lol! I also got chatting with this gentleman near the Tiger enclosure - and it turns out he owns the place... lol! Nice fellow, and he was explaining their current expansion works and all that... they are going to get some Lions and Cheetahs within the next 12 months, and are building a new Koala breeding sanctuary area as well... someday I may actually get me some pics of Koalas "doing it"... *giggle*

I will be a repeat visitor to Symbio... that's for sure!

... here are some of the pics I got today...


31-08-2013-symbio 025 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 102 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 180 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 196 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 676 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 692 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 944 by tdierikx, on Flickr


31-08-2013-symbio 1045 by tdierikx, on Flickr

More can be seen here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdierikx/


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It was awesome! I got to cuddle a few animals... I kissed one of the goats (I'm a bit of a goat fan), patted a few kangaroos, took LOTS of pics...

I was really impressed at the tiger enclosure... it's almost THE perfect setup for getting great photos...


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Stunning photos!

Eta: I'm really, really enjoying the pictures you've taken. You've managed to capture a lot of things/activity that you don't normally get to see. It's fun, and interesting!

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Thanks Ruffles.

grizabella - the marmosets and tamarins were very tricky to capture in movement as their enclosures are not under the best light - but as you can see, they slow down some when they are eating... lol! They are really small too - the pygmy marmoset was about 5-6cm tall...

John (the owner of Symbio) says they are also going to get lemurs soon too... yay! And a new reptile section with more exhibits... and they are going to change/move some of the older exhibits to newer digs.

I really love how most of the animals are actually interested in human interaction. The cockatoos will fly over to the sides of their enclosures and chatter away to you, as will the blue-winged kookaburras, and most of the other birds too - not the eagles fortunately... err! Even the cassowary seemed reasonably friendly, but was in an area that was hard to get photos of him.

They have a couple of albino peacocks too (all the peacocks roam free) - and an albino echidna.

If you are in Sydney, a visit to Symbio is a must... it's small and can be seen in a couple of hours, or you can just relax and take it all in at your own leisure without missing anything in a single day. I started by walking around the whole place and getting my bearings first, then wandered back to the ones I wanted more/better pics of... although the marmoset and tamarin ones were taken on my first trip around when they were eating and easier to get in focus... lol!

I swapped the long lens for the shorter one for a while, and my camera felt REALLY light - it was strange... lol!


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Gosh I lived in the Sutherland Shire most of my life, and I don't think I ever went there. Such a shame. Might have to put the effort in and go for a day trip.

Thx for sharing those great photos and letting us know the variety of animals for us to see.

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I swapped the long lens for the shorter one for a while, and my camera felt REALLY light - it was strange... lol!


LOL. I know what you mean. My 70-200 f2.8 has not been off my camera since I got it. For the giraffe safari pics though I needed something shorter as they would be so close to us. OMG, it felt like a toy or a little point and shoot. The balance felt all wrong.

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Since getting the 100-400mm lens, I've developed biceps!! Considering that it + the camera weigh close to 2kgs, and I shoot handheld... it's not completely surprising though... lol!

The Tamron 18-270mm lens is a pretty light beastie - but it does take nice pics too...

You'd get some very nice photos with the 70-200 f2.8 at Symbio methinks. Might be my next big spend... if I can be good and save up for it...


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I went to Symbio again today... and funnily enough, I took more pics... lol!

Have sorted and uploaded them to my Flickr for your viewing pleasure... and grizabella, have I got a few for you! Baby Cotton-Top Tamarins!!!!!

The full lot can be viewed here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdierikx/

... but here's a taste anyways...


07-09-2013-symbio 123 by tdierikx, on Flickr

Look closely - can you see the joey's tail?


07-09-2013-symbio 283 by tdierikx, on Flickr


07-09-2013-symbio 497 by tdierikx, on Flickr

Look on their backs... squeeeeee! Lots more on the Flickr page... and closer ones too... *grin*


07-09-2013-symbio 601 by tdierikx, on Flickr


07-09-2013-symbio 773 by tdierikx, on Flickr


07-09-2013-symbio 795 by tdierikx, on Flickr


07-09-2013-symbio 1152 by tdierikx, on Flickr


07-09-2013-symbio 1264 by tdierikx, on Flickr



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$26 entry for an adult was pretty reasonable I thought... you can spend all day there, swim in their pool, actually get up close and personal with lots of the animals, and the food isn't anywhere near rip-off prices. I've actually yet to find a cheaper day's entertainment for myself... *grin*


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