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Help In The Riverina

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i received this message the other day.....can anyone help/ If you can please let me know and i will pass it on



"I wanted to ask You a favour, because i cant activate my old keeshondkrazy profile for some reason, and my new one (keeshondkrazy2) wont let me post or pm or anything :(

anyway, i have a very good trucky friend in Lockhart, NSW (Riverina) who has a neighbours cat come visit his truckyard. This mate (Dave) likes cats and gives this strayish/country cat a pat every now and then, and apparently she is quite friendly. However she is only a few months old and already pregnant :(

The neighbour has told Dave if the cat has kittens on his property he will "get rid of them". So ive persuaded Dave to make a bit of a nest for her in his truck yard so she will have them there. Now, He may be able to "throw a bit of money in their direction" but just cannot look after a mother and kittens long term.

i was wondering if you could get in touch with some dolers in the Riverina area, or wagga/albury who may be able to foster these kittens, or at least come check out the situation, maybe know a vet who desexes even with kittens-in-utero or something?!

i know "mixeduppup" is in the riverina area, and attempted to add them as a friend, but just cannot get back in touch with them right now... do you know any way to help in this situation? i just dont have any contacts any more, but still remember everything You did to help me in Penrith!!!"

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I got that too and send her a message back giving her the name of a vet hospital that would do spays whilst pregnant and told her that a lot of vets/most vets would do the same thing. She replied by saying thank you and she'd let him know.

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