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Litters Due November 2013

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Oh wow MonElite! Huge congratulations! Almost a 50 50 split of girls and boys as well! :thumbsup:

Mine have started on beef milkshakes this weekend and are loving it - loving slurping, loving swimming... :laugh:

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Hello friends! I forgot to announce that I expect puppies :-( I working abroad for a few months and I'm very busy.

Anyway our Multichampion IDEA gave birth another wonderful litter ^_^

(one female from her previous litter -FORTUNA completed Junior Champion of Russia in age 12 months old, her sister FANTAZJA completed Junior Champion of Poland)

We proudly present 3 dark sable boys:


sire: World Winner '11, ChGB. Chelborn Kiss'N Tell (HD-A, CEA/PRA-free)



dam: INTERNATIONAL Champion, Ch.PL, Ch.UA, Ch.TR, Ch.SM, Ch.CY, Ch.AZ, Ch.PH, Ch.MAL, Ch.CL, Ch.CR, Ch.CO, Ch.LK, Ch.MK, Ch.MNE, Ch.Balkan, Ch.Mediterranean, Ch.BG, GrandCh.BG, Ch.MD, GrandCh.MD. IDEA Actis Poland (HD-A, MDR1+/-, DM N/N, CEA/PRA-free)

foto , video: www.actis.collie.pl/idea.html

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Wow congrats Elwira!!

I know exactly what you mean Angeluca, we have had the drunken puppy stage as well. We're getting pretty steady now though, and seeing a few excitable jumps and hops, and even a few attempts at running steps...

And lots of surfing through bowls of food... And pooping and stepping in it and wiping it on siblings... :laugh:

I see you!!



And outside under mum's watchful eye (that's the end of her tail they are watching!):


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