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Some Photos From Around The Farm


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Just downloaded some pics from my phone so thought I'd share for those interested in chookies etc!

"Fluffy" is one of our farm cats to help keep rodents down


Another farm cat "Softy Spider Mouse"


Wayne is a Persian and sleeps all day in buckets.


Blue Pekin Rooster (sun bleached)


Showing his lovely comb! I sold him last week as one of my other roos kept beating him up, hence the blackened wattles :(


FRont garden has gone wild - forgot to cut back the roses!


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Copperhead from a few weeks ago


George on an icy freezing morning. Won't use his kennel!


A wet afternoon close to dinner time!


Buff and lemon cuckoo pekin chooks


My daughter with Dr Chris!

That's me done for another year, lol, no more I promise!

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Gorgeous! Those roses are just divine, they look beautiful. Your property looks very lush and green too, lucky thing :D

Well, only because you mentioned the roses :o The previous owners were avid gardeners. Unfortunately I havent kept up with the cottage garden thing but their roses live on. Here's another rose bush.


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Beautuful Clyde.... Lovely shots of very pretty roses & healthy , happy dogs,cats & chickens. Your Maremmas's are to die for Clyde. Also a fan of your animals names. Wayne the cat LOL. Esme, giggle...

2.5 acres would be my dream size backyard. Your living in my Paradise :)

Edited by BC Crazy
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